DJK Knowledge-Selbach Rhönradteam succeeds at DJK-Bundessportfest 2022

Message from 06/17/2022

From June 3 to 6, the DJK National Sports Festival was held in Schwabach, Bavaria. On June 3, 15 gymnasts on wheels from DJK Wissen-Selbach set off for Bavaria with their four coaches. The gymnasts there showed what they could do and brought home many medals.

Quast chandeliers in a coil. (Photos: DJK Knowledge-Selbach)

Knowledge / Schwabach. After inflating the air mattresses and the first round of the school, which was scheduled to serve as lodging for the next few days, the group made their way to the opening ceremony on the festival grounds. There was dancing, parties and singing until late in the evening.

The next morning, everyone had to get up early because preparations for the DJK Fed Championships in Gymnastics on Wheels began at eight o’clock. The competition concluded at 4 pm with the award ceremony. In the 10- to 12-year-olds group, three DJK Wissen-Selbach players reached the podium. Emilia Scurry managed to celebrate her victory against Lena Schmidt and Ronja Schmitz. Polina Neff missed the podium and finished fourth, Kim Felten and Sofia Benor finished ninth and tenth.

In the age group of 13-14, Emma Muller, Amelia Friesen, and Vivien Pinor started. Emma was delighted with the silver in straight gymnastics. Amelia and Vivian tied for sixth place. Amelia also placed sixth in the vaulting competition. Soraya Quast won the gymnastics upright competition for 15-16 year olds with the highest daily score ahead of her club teammates Christina Keeler, Kiara Stasberg and Marie Muller. Soraya, Christina and Kiara also participated in the jumping competition, which Christina won. In the spiral competition, Soraya managed to beat Christina.

After refreshments at a pizzeria and an expedition through downtown Schwabach, gymnasts on wheels let the evening end at the fairgrounds. On Sunday, a trip to Nuremberg was on the agenda. Unfortunately, the planned city rally had to be canceled due to the weather. Fortunately, the weather improved during the day and nothing stood in the way of attending the final event in Schwabach. Athletes from other clubs celebrated and laughed well into the night to the music of Bayern 3.

On White Monday, a trip home was already on the agenda, and the gymnasts’ unforgettable weekend ended very quickly. After mobilization, the recreational pool in Nuremberg was visited. 14 slides, a wave pool and a sports pool with diving board provide plenty of fun at the end. Team Ronrad is already looking forward to next year’s Rhineland-Palatinate Gymnastics Festival in Koblenz. (evening)

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