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Anyone looking for exciting youth entertainment literature will easily find what they are looking for in the wide range. In 2020 alone, there were more than 7,900 new publications, and with 18.4 percent of all German book trade sales, children’s and youth literature is the second largest product group after fiction. Specific figures for 2021 are expected to be released this summer. According to a preliminary assessment conducted by the German Book Trade Association, the book market was able to hold its own in the second year of Corona, and the titles of the target group of young people increased by 9.4 percent compared to 2019.

Many adults also like to read children’s books, as they deal with current topics such as the distinction between fantasy and reality in computer games, increased data storage and observation associated with people, or the effects of mental illness on relationships. These books don’t necessarily offer guidance, many of them look very dark and often the disastrous outcome is only prevented by the little heroes.

Captivating adventures and depth of content

Against this background, the work of the Austrian writer Veronika Grohspner (born in 1966) is a ray of hope. Captivating, fast-paced adventures and depth of content make for a winning combination that attracts readers from 12 to over 90 years old. The trilogy about the Indian half of Alan Jason has been published, the single volume “Johnny Design” – the 2013 bestseller among Grohsebner’s work – and the first four parts of the Benjamin Coleman series have been published so far. Self-published books can be obtained at any bookstore.

From the Deep is the first volume with protagonist Alan Jason. The young man has already come a long way in his short life. Alan grew up in an orphanage, faced with rampant violence, drugs and gangs, and began his professional training with “special forces”. Special Forces is a special law enforcement unit that works to combat drug and juvenile delinquency. It is not easy for a lonely person, because recruits are treated harshly and Alan again suffers rejection because of the color of his skin. However, he finally finds a true friend and can successfully use his various talents – until it comes to a secret operation and a life-threatening accident. In the following volumes, Death Sentence and Test by Fire, Alan Jason, who has since become a Catholic priest, finds himself in dangerous situations on several occasions.

Believe in “work” novels

His professional training helps him with that. Benjamin Coleman, the hero of Veronica Grohsebner’s second series, also joins the “Special Forces”. Brilliant mathematician with a sharp analytical mind, with a slender figure and a shy nature, he absolutely does not correspond to the image of a cruel and muscular special police officer. He is soon mercilessly underestimated by another recruit. The volumes “Promise”, “Conspiracy”, “Allies” and “Baptism of Fire” describe the professional and personal development of a young man who discovers a mole in the ranks of the Special Forces and traces an illegal smuggling of organs. Excellent organization. Benjamin also finds a steady girlfriend over time. Benjamin, a staunch Catholic Christian, has the strength to keep his calm in the grave danger of the Bible: at first tolerant, then more and more influencing, Benjamin’s chiefs record that the young man liked to read the psalm on his mobile phone before the operations he read.

catholic flows naturally

This makes the unique selling point of Grohsebner’s books clear: With a Christian tone, they definitely have Catholic content. While the Children’s Books section still has some showings in the field up to the age of First Communion and also captures more recent developments with biographies of saints in the form of comics, books for youngsters grow thinner when you are looking for Christian or even Catholic main characters. On the other hand, in Grohsebner’s works, references to faith are repeated. It comes naturally in the flow of the story. In “Johnny Design It,” for example, sixteen-year-old students discuss contraception and IVF in a biology class. But Lisa calmly points out the inconsistencies and inconsistencies in the arguments of her classmates.

As the story progresses, topics such as the dignity of disabled children, family life in a large family, and the possibility of organs being removed after the serious accident of Lisa Johnny’s classmate—continuously challenging questions, but embedded in an engaging plot in youth-friendly language. In an interview with Tagpost, the Vienna-based writer tells us that she herself is a fan of light literature and loves to read a lot. Writing runs in her blood, she wrote her first novel at the age of twelve. Veronica Grohsbner later lived her creativity in music and studied pedagogy with an emphasis on guitar.

Writing is in her blood

In the meantime, she returned to writing, which for her is an “inner motivator”. As a Catholic Christian, the writer also establishes faith in her work, because “the life of faith is simply there.” In doing so, do not think in advance about how to write something in order to influence one or the other in its readers. “I just write the stories inside of me. It works in my head like a movie.” Grohsebner’s books are unusual: they were initially written in English, so they are all available in English. For Veronika Grohsebner, this is quite normal, because she herself has been reading English almost exclusively for a long time, since her favorite entertainment literature, such as crime or thriller novels, comes mainly from English-speaking countries. Moreover, translations of “Johnny design” are available in Czech and Slovak.

A serial novel that strengthens the reader’s loyalty to you!

A new format is the serial novel now completed in seventeen short parts in the Catholic youth magazine You! Magazin, written by Grohsebner at the request of editor-in-chief Michael Cheek. The story also stars Alan Jason in his new role as a devoted priest and an orphanage manager who refuses to abandon young people from difficult backgrounds. The serial novel, which ran for three years, was so well received that some people requested the magazine for this reason alone.

In general, the writer prefers the longer form of the novel, as she can work on the details better. Veronika Grohsebner is currently working on the fifth volume in an eight-volume series on Benjamin Coleman. It will be a while before the new book is published, she reveals to “Tagespost”. Grohsebner readers can certainly look forward to another very exciting novel that has both encouraging and encouraging elements.

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