Bookseller Bryce Dickman celebrates his birthday this Saturday

Anniversary: ​​Aschaffenburg has been home for several decades

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Still in his library every day: Boris Dickmann celebrates his 80th birthday on Saturday.

Photo: Cornelia Muller

Bryce Dickman has to climb 17 steps from his apartment to his workplace. On his 80th birthday, which he celebrates on Saturday, the chief director of the bookstore of the same name will walk at the corner of Steingasse/Herstallstrasse via wooden stairs to the store.

He does not want to do without his books, clients and team even in his old age. He is physically and mentally fit, which Bryce Dickman is grateful for. In general, Jubilee, who was born near Berlin in 1942, looks quite calm about his life and what awaits him: “I will take everything as it comes,” he said at the press conference.

Aschaffenburg has been his home for several decades. He spent his childhood and youth in the Upper Palatinate, moved to Hamburg to study, and returned to Lower Main after graduation, initially working as a commercial economist in an industrial company. But Brierce Dickmann wanted more independence. After careful consideration, he and his first wife established a bookstore in 1969, initially on Dalbergstraße 16, since 1976 in the current main building in the pedestrian area.

The old man says books have fascinated him since he was a child. In the beginning were myths and fairy tales, and later stories, novels, and stories that combined fiction and history, which dealt with the lives of people in different eras, society, and political and social conditions.

He inherited from his parents, who always had enough reading materials at home, his love of reading and the family’s bookcase. “I have filled it now.” Dickman doesn’t want to name a favorite book: “I’m going to do injustice to others,” he says with a smile. At the moment, he is especially fond of reading Finnish author Frans Emil Silanpa (1888-1964).

“I just love coming here.”

But the bookstore cannot be managed economically with a love of reading only, knows Jubilee, who has run the company since 1980 with his brother Peter Dieckman. He retired several years ago. Yingvi Dikman (38), son of Boris, took charge of the company. Diekmann has more than ten employees and has had a branch in Roßmarkt since 1997 with “Fachbuch”. There were enough challenges for the small family library, starting with the local competition, at the time with Pfeiffer, Pattloch, Schlapp or Weltbild. They all no longer exist. Or the challenge of online trading. Diekmann has joined forces with a wholesale bookseller that customers can use to order online. “That way, we can at least take on the biggest players in the industry a little bit,” Dickman says.

“I love coming here,” says Bryce Dickman, describing his motivation to work weekdays at the age of 80. It’s nice to spend the day in the shop, in the office, enjoying talking to the team and clients, and saying, “It’s the enrichment of my day.” It wouldn’t be any different on his birthday.


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