10 daily rituals from grandma and grandpa that inspire us again today

Consistency doesn’t have to be boring: Our ancestors’ customs and rituals may have seemed strange to us in the past – but most of them have a reason. And we can make our daily life good again today

Resilience is undoubtedly an essential skill these days to keep pace with our society. The world of work is changing almost as fast as the media landscape and cultural and entertainment offerings are like fashion trends, and what counts as healthy eating or good parenting today was the worst thing we could do yesterday.

We are used to adapting and adapting from moment to moment and getting involved in a new situation. In fact, this shouldn’t be a bad thing at all. After all, as humans we have the ability to act spontaneously and improvise, and there is nothing wrong with using that ability. But wherever possible, we can try to inculcate habits, routines, and consistency in our lives, because they give us security, make decisions for us, find peace, breathe deeply, and recover and recharge our batteries—this can help us balance all the diversity and speed of our time very well.

Many of our ancestors are or have been true experts in daily rituals. According to the rituals of our ancestors, we can sometimes set our clock and rely on it more than any weather forecast. Some of their habits may or may not seem special and strange to us at first glance, but upon closer examination, they can sometimes prove to be true treasures and a lifeline. And so we’re so glad we inspire her.

10 daily rituals of our ancestors that we would like to revive

afternoon nap

In the sunlight on the porch or veranda, in the TV chair or in bed: for grandmother and grandfather, naps were to be taken at lunchtime. It might be unbelievable for many young people right now to be able to find the quiet time to do it and hit the brakes in the middle of the day – but maybe that’s why it might not usually be worse for some.

pocket candy

Flavors may vary with caramel, eucalyptus, or mint, but grandparents don’t usually leave the house without a candy or two in their pocket. What is the goal, he may ask this or that. But if we think about it for just a minute, then suddenly everything becomes clear: after all, life can always put us in a situation where we need a dessert – even if it will give it to the person sitting in front of us.

Evening news

For decades, many grandmothers and grandfathers have turned on the TV at 8 p.m. and watched the news — a ritual that has become more and more out of fashion in light of instant notifications, streaming services, and news feeds. But wouldn’t it be better to have an overview and get the information once a day at a specific time instead of being updated 24/7 and bombarded with news? It might be worth trying.


We can have anything at any time. On the other hand, our ancestors learned that berries are only available in summer, apples only in autumn, and turnips in winter. Some years more, some less. So they made cans in good years and rich seasons, and drank from them in rare times. Will we need it again? Did not matter. After all, it can be so much fun to keep something and enjoy it later. We don’t always have to act out of necessity.

private water

Some grandparents swear by a little vinegar, others preferred lemon in their water – but a few of our grandmothers and great-grandfathers constantly drank a glass of water with a special ingredient every day. Will that do anything? Who knows. But it definitely won’t hurt.

Sunday puzzle

In the weekend edition of many dailies you can always find a crossword puzzle. So on Sunday Grandpa and Grandma sat down and sorted out the problem. Nice ritual to stay mentally fit, learn new things and enjoy something. This puzzle day can definitely be back in fashion.

Morning coffee with the newspaper

Before thinking about getting active in any way, several grandparents sat at the breakfast table, drank their coffee and read the newspaper. This habit may not be possible or conceivable for many people today. But it’s better for us to devote half an hour in the morning to gather ourselves – or to distract ourselves – before we move on to our to-do list.

Friday fish

Fish on Friday, meat on Sunday, leftovers on Monday and it’s always seasonal anyway. Many of our grandparents had and still have very consistent habits when it comes to their diet. On the other hand, younger people often say: “What can I cook today?” Then there is frozen pizza. Quite understandable. After all, it’s exhausting having to first make a decision and then put in some effort too. Perhaps the effort will work best if we follow the example of grandfather and grandmother and save ourselves the resolution at least a few days a week in the future.

afternoon coverage

At 3 or 4 p.m., several grandparents had coffee and cake. And not to go to it as a snack on the go, but comfortably on the kitchen table. Who still fits such a ritual into their daily schedule? On the other hand: why can’t we adapt our daily schedule to beautiful rituals?


Newspapers, wrapping paper, plastic packages and boxes – grandmothers and grandfathers hardly throw anything away at once. Almost everything we get rid of without thinking, they keep and use again or are misappropriated for other things. It may seem cumbersome at first glance, in the end we can buy everything and have it delivered with just one click. But our grandparents’ approach is certainly good for the environment — and for our wallets, too.

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