Waldshut-Tiengen: Three-week pedaling: Here’s what participants need to know for city cycling in the Waldshut region

From June 18 to July 8 in Fallshot County, it’s time to pedal as hard as you can. Besides the county, 17 municipalities have registered for the nationwide “Stadtradeln” campaign in order to cover as many kilometers as possible. The goal of the campaign is not only to actively campaign for climate protection, but also for the health of the individual.

“The great thing about the campaign is that it encourages you to get on your bike and the riding routes you might travel by car,” says Lauschinger Mayor Thomas Schäuble, who will himself rotate as many official routes as possible.

Cycling is fashion

“The trend towards bikes is increasing,” says Rolf Meyer, president of the Radlerfreund Cycling Association from Bad Säckingen. This is also evidenced by the number of participants: while the city of Bad Säckingen and its cycling club have started for the fifth time in a row, the county of Waldshut followed suit with ten municipalities last year.

38 teams have already assembled in Bondorf, and Mayor Marlon Jost was deeply impressed: “Our goal is for more citizens to get on the saddle and learn to appreciate this kind of mobility.”

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So far, about 1,400 people from the Valshott region have signed up to trade in their two-wheeler car without further ado. The municipality of Albrück alone provides 18 people, their team leader Klaus Paschel explains. “The shared idea automatically moved one or the other to participate,” he says.

But in addition to a sense of community, switching to bicycles and a commitment to climate protection is a concern of the municipal administration. Many bets have already been placed, such as Bad Säckingen or Herrischried.

After Alexander Jules, mayor of Bad Säckingen, lost the bet with the cycling club in 2021, we went together...

After Alexander Gaul, the mayor of Bad Säckingen, lost a bet with the cycling club in 2021, they went on tour together. | Photo: Radlerfreunde Bad Säckingen

In addition to several opening events in the municipalities, the film “In Elsewhere. Alone in Africa “in Morg. Prominent adventurer and actor Anselm Banke will be attending this evening and reporting on his 414-day journey across Africa, by bike only.

City cycling in the Waldshut area will officially open on Saturday, June 18th at 10am. District Administrator Martin Kistler and Mayor Christian Drews start from Stehlesee on a one-hour tour around Herrischried.

How cyclists can participate

All people who live, work, go to school or belong to a club in the participating municipalities can have their kilometres counted. If the city or municipality is not officially registered, you can still cycle under the “district flag,” explains district coordinator Sabine Muelhaupt. It is important to sign up for a team. Because, according to the organizers: “Promotion of cycling and climate protection are teamwork.”

An app that automatically calculates kilometers

Registration (stadtradeln.de/registrieren) is still possible after the start of the three-week campaign. Kilometers can be entered on the website. However, according to the organizer, it is easiest to download the free Stadtradeln application, which automatically adds kilometers.

However, mileage should be taken into account when using the app, tells Susanne Mullhaupt. She stressed that “the Internet, near the border in particular, is not always perfect and it can happen that not every kilometer is logged.” However, the kilometers lost can then be added via the website.

An additional advantage of using the application: the data is assessed anonymously by the Technical University of Dresden. How many people have cycled and where and at what speed they can be transported to the municipalities in order to improve the local cycle network.

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