The Battle of Reality Stars: A deserved victory in the final

“The Battle of Reality Stars”
He deserves to win the final

Thrills for finalists Yassin, Elena, Schäfer Heinrich and Malkiel (from left)

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In the final “Battle of Reality Stars”, there are basically candidates from the start. In the near final there is a deserved victory.

Final at Star Beach. For the remaining eight celebrities, the cost of the “Battle of the Reality Stars” is about 50,000 euros. The first little shock for the candidates: in the end, the participants who were eliminated during the season decide to win. So if you just leave the scorched earth during the show, you won’t stand a chance.

But to get to the last round of the last four matches, you have to win the matches first. As in the entire show, it’s about a mix of challenges and popularity contests.

Elena Meras (30 years old) wishes that a candidate would win from the start. So for example she is herself and not her best friend Sissy Hoffbauer (26). She is briefly angry, but does not blame her best friend.

As always, Elena throws herself into the first elimination game with full force. The stars have to cut the letter sequence from the pieces of paper with long words. They should combine these excerpts into a meaningful word. Under time pressure of course. Elena is actually the fastest.

It qualifies with Yassin Muhammed (30), Schaefer Heinrich (55) and Ronald Scheele (63), as does Elena, who have all been there from the start. Additionally, it is made by the extremists Malkiel Reuven Dietrich Willis Kog (28). Paco Herb (26) and Sisi were eliminated. They also came later in the show. Quite a result in Elena’s soul. Even if you grieve for Sisi.

Malkiel in the fast lane

Then the candidate gets the opportunity to go directly to the final. To do so, however, he must take a risk. There are two packages on a table, one red and one blue. One package contains a ticket to the finals, and the other contains a ticket home. Malkiel dares to be the only star. The YouTube fortune teller clicks the red square correctly.

So Malkiel got the final ticket. As he later admitted, he was hoping for the other outcome. According to Elena’s theory, he does not consider himself worthy of the final match as a latecomer.

The final game of the season revolves around the three places in the final. You have to answer questions about past episodes. Possible solutions to flags stuck in the sand on the beach. The mission again is a mixture of knowledge and action, as the stars have to make their way through the sea of ​​flags. Whoever finds the correct flag can prick the balloon. The last final tickets are hidden in three dozen balloons.

Once again, it is Elena who fights for the most chances. Thus, I found the first card for the final. Yassin follows suit. Heinrich Schaefer also reached the last role. His repeated calls for a “god of truth” were answered.

Final Veterans

The jury of disqualified candidates has a choice between veterans Elena, Yassin and Heinrich – and Malkiel. The latter seems out of place at the end, and thus beats the drum for his three rivals. They can announce themselves with a letter. All three put pressure on the tear gland.

He tells Yasin that he will give the profit to his poor mother. Heinrich Shepherd, of course, was investing money in his farm and his flock. And Elena tearfully thanks her for accepting it without prejudice despite her bad TV reputation.

It will be a close race between Elena and Yassin. Both are bound before the last coin. Schaefer Heinrich was defeated by two votes. Nobody voted for Malkiel as he liked.

Sisi’s vote ultimately decides. Of course, she chose Elena’s best friend. So the Swiss are a real star in 2022.

Elena is a deserved winner

Elena has repeatedly called herself the only winner in the past few episodes. And she’s right. No one else has entered into such games. It is also popular with (most) players. And with the audience, by playing self-deprecation with its reputation. She always takes newcomers under her wing and meets everyone without prejudice. without looking fake.


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