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Finally he drank a pint of the quintet biscuit again in good company. This is possible from today to Sunday at the Bernem Wine Festival. The organizers are expecting a very good turnout. The weather is set for that. © nn

After two years of abstinence, the five-finger cookie became the focus. Because the Bornheim Wine Festival begins in Frankfurt.

One thing not to expect in Frankfurt and the surrounding area for the next five days: rain. At least that’s what the weather forecast says. Of course, this fits perfectly with the concept of the wine festival organizers in Fünffingerplätzchen. However, with temperatures in excess of 30°C on Saturday, it is almost always warm again. Because experience teaches that many people prefer doing something else because of the heat, staying in cool rooms, or going to the pool.

Experience or not: Franz Stoel, president of the trade union Bornheim Mitte, which organizes the wine festival, is initially happy that the festival could take place again this year, two years after it was canceled due to Corona. He is sure it will be full of jam. “People are eager to go out and celebrate,” he says.

Frankfurt-Bornheim Wine Festival: people eager to party

A conversation with his colleague Kaweh Neamati makes him an optimist. He is the head of the interest group Untere Berger Straße, which recently organized the Berger Straßefest at the North End and was very satisfied with the way things were going. “He told me it was by far the most attended street festival on Berger Strasse,” according to Steul. This is exactly what the club president envisions for the 2022 wine festival on the quintet cookie.

Anyway, conditions couldn’t be better. Peter Schmidt, responsible for organizing the wine festival for the Bornheim Mitte Trade Association, and his colleagues laid the foundation stone for it. The motto of the event also looks promising: a good mood with wine, workshops and music.

15 platform operators spoil visitors with a variety of delicacies. Various wines from the region can be tasted. Of course there is also beer and non-alcoholic drinks. A band will perform on stage at Fünffingerplatz on each of the five evenings. From 6 pm to 10 pm you can sing, swing and dance. At 11 p.m., in consideration of the inhabitants, calm and serenity should return to the place of the Five Fingers. “Locals are also our customers, so we don’t want to bother them,” Stoll says. And even little kids have thought of it: Children’s Carousel runs its rounds tirelessly from Wednesday to Sunday, June 19.

Frankfurt-Bornheim Wine Festival: a big effort

Compared to the 16 previous wine festivals organized by the Bornheim Mitte trade association so far, the effort this year is much greater, Schmidt knows. Many hygiene and safety regulations must now be observed. “However, we are pleased to be able to continue to offer a wide range of campaigns to support local merchants and enhance the shopping experience around Diebergerstrasse,” says Schmidt.

Today at 6 p.m. Steul will officially open the wine festival – for the last time, by the way. He will no longer run for the presidency of the union in the June 27 board elections. “I’m old enough to quit,” he says succinctly and painlessly. This move was not secret either, but it had been known for a long time. He announced his retirement two years ago.

The 72-year-old founded the Bornheim Mitte trade association 24 years ago and started the wine festival as a co-initiator. The opening of the 2022 wine festival is a great backdrop to thank Franz Stoel for his decades of commitment to Bornheim’s business world, says Martina Genzel, Vice President of the Bornheim Mitte Trade Association. (Matthias Bettner)

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