Disaster on company premises? Extinguishing knowledge bt emergency

Message from 06/16/2022

Surat leaked at the company’s headquarters? Firefighters must know exactly what to do: once a year, the Knowledge Association municipality’s volunteer fire brigade deals with a “disaster” in a practice-oriented manner and meticulously practices the procedure and each step. again a few days ago.

(Photos: Bernard Theiss)

knowledge. It was assumed that nitric acid was leaking from a tank in the Weberit Building, not far from the fire station. This was simulated by water that was fed by a hose into the tank. After the rescue workers arrived, the first thing to do was investigate the situation. The accident site was cordoned off over a wide area and it was then decided to send two comrades in full protective suits to the danger zone.

Putting on the heavy, inflexible and completely waterproof equipment, was not so easy and required the help of other firefighters. But soon this was done and they carefully approached the truck with the tank in the loading area. Now it was about collecting as much of the highly toxic liquid as possible. Experts did this using a sink and special foil.

At the same time, a search was carried out in the driver’s cabin for documents of the passengers of the truck and the cargo. Moving into the cramped cabin posed a particular challenge to the packed firefighters, but they succeeded and the military command ordered them to retreat. Before the suits were removed, the wearers of the two devices had to undergo disinfection. They stood in large basins, because none of the so-called surah was allowed to seep underground. One could assume that the two main characters were all too happy to get rid of the full protection.

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In an emergency, which no one really wants, the demands are, of course, much greater. The exercise was determined by the massive use of materials from many firefighting vehicles. In all, about 80 people from the Wissen, Schnstein and Katzwinkel water trains were on site under the supervision of Chief of Defense Stefan Deipenbrock. Ham’s Volunteer Fire Brigade continued to provide critical support for the display. The ELW 2 in the Altenkirchen district, responsible for civil protection and centered in the Knowledge, has also proven its importance. A factory yard from Alserberg had blanketed the truck with the allegedly dangerous load on the company’s buildings.

After the exercise, which Mayor Berno Neuhof also watched, was a guided tour through the halls of the program’s plastic processing company. Officer Matthias Brenner provided the necessary explanations and said a big thank you to the firefighters: it’s good that you are here. Defense chief Stefan Diebenbrück thanked him for making the on-site exercises possible. After the sweaty errand, there was a well-deserved snack, including a cold drink, at the fire station. (m/bt)

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