Vladimir Putin surprised: Western weapons are destroying Russian bases

It was said that Vladimir Putin’s forces again suffered heavy losses. It was reported that Ukrainian forces destroyed several bases of Russian forces. The attack will be documented in a video that is currently causing quite a stir on the internet.

While the situation in Severodonetsk continues to deteriorate, Ukrainian forces blew up a Russian base elsewhere. A video currently making headlines online is said to show Ukrainian artillery attacking a Russian occupation unit.

The current Ukraine war: Ukrainian forces respond

war in Ukraine Rise, though world leaders Russia He called on them to end the invasion and seek a solution with a peace agreement. But the head of state in Russia wants that Vladimir Putin They know nothing. Instead, the Kremlin chief is doing his best to invade Ukraine as quickly as possible. Despite the heavy losses, the Ukrainian armed forces are not giving up. They continue to fight resolutely for their country. With the help of Western special weapons, they responded very forcefully, as the British newspaper “Express” reported.

Ukrainian forces burn Russian bases

In a video recorded on June 13 with the aim of documenting Ukraine’s attack on Russian occupiers, thick plumes of smoke can be seen billowing into the sky as fires blaze in the background. The smoke and flames get heavier the longer you shoot. Four areas of Russian occupation are said to have been wiped out in the Ukrainian offensive. According to other “Express” reports, there are currently no signs of survivors. The number of casualties is currently unclear, as the attack has not been officially confirmed by Russia. It is also unknown where exactly the recordings were made.

Video documenting the attack on a Russian unit – Twitter users celebrate Ukraine’s success

The footage, which was said to prove the Ukrainian attack on Russian bases, has been the subject of heated discussion on social media. A suspected Ukraine fan commented on the clip: “Nice black smoke over there. Excellent goal. Thank you for your work.” Another Twitter user wrote: “Congratulations to the Ukrainian Army and its allies on the battlefield. Resilience and willpower to move forward and win. I hope powerful and effective long-range weapons will come soon. I hope the world stands together against a great terrorist defeat. Do it!”

This commentator seems to have a similar view: “The President of Ukraine, Zelensky, says that the human cost of the struggle for the East” will undoubtedly be included in military history as one of the fiercest battles in Europe. We are dealing with absolute evil. Another Twitter user commented behind the scenes: “Hope the gun doesn’t stay in storage and explodes.”

As always, these recordings cannot be independently verified or verified. Both Russia and Ukraine use propaganda tools during wartime to raise troops’ morale and humiliate the opposing side.

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