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More than a cinema: Extended cinema Everything is different at Unikato in June! The short film magazine breaks with traditional viewing habits and well-known definitions of film and cinema. The focus is on expanded cinema, which aims to expand the cultural practice of cinema. So: more than a cinema. We encounter extended cinema quite often in everyday life – wherever motion pictures occur outside of cinema, we see this form of representation. This is most often the case at concerts and festivals, in galleries and museums. We also encounter screens on buses and trams, some of which show short films as well as travel advertisements. The film collective A Wall Is A Screen sponsors short film events that are regularly projected onto house walls, bridges and other surfaces in various locations around the world. Unikato meets the group in Hamburg and accompanies them on one of their nightly short film tours. As part of the program, unicato meets installation artist Henrike Naumann, who leaves the original film image in her facilities. We talk to her about her exhibitions and the drive to create content in the style of expanded cinema. Artist Misha Linkov pushes boundaries in the truest sense of the word with his project “The Imagination of Non-Entry”. In unicato he talks about the political art and personal motivation behind crossing borders. Thomas Geschner is a film producer and agent. His installation “Mansfielder Gesture” brings together different people from the last generation of mining in the Mansfield area. The audience can leave the linear narrative form of the documentary. In the last accessible tunnel in the Mansfield area, Thomas Geschner talks to Marcus Kafka about the area, the people, and his project. Movies on display: LUUCHTKRAFT by Clara Stern and Johannes Huss (Documentary, AT 2015, 4 min) Neon signs in different colors and shapes. The flyer is not a retro phenomenon, but it pays homage to original neon tubes from bygone eras. “The world is on the move. And the neon is also disappearing” – an enlightening short documentary about the enchanting effects of the age of the economic miracle, the spark of the last life will soon completely disappear. Conference or Return of the Moon by Franz Wenzenzen (animated film, Germany 2012, 6 min) Hand brushes, salvaged from under the rubble of a former ship propeller factory, have grown a beak. They are holding a conference in which they link the planned obsolescence with the belief in the economic growth that it will bring with him to the other side of the moon. Once Upon a Time by The Wa (documentary/artwork, D 2021, 9 min) at a time, the camera monitors events on May 1, 2014 in an East Berlin park. The installation entertains and astonishes passersby, and suddenly everything takes on a life of its own, without instructions or questions. It was over within a few hours and only a small pile of shrapnel indicated what was there. Imagine Not Entering by Misha Linkoff (Video, 2019, 18 min) The video work of the exhibition of the same name shows Linkoff when crossing the unseen border on the sea floor between Israel and Jordan or Egypt in the Red Sea and the enclave of Ceuta and Spanish Morocco in the Strait of Gibraltar. The areas concerned are militarily guarded and secured by border installations, their walls protruding at times 30 meters into the waters on the banks. Behind him opens a landscape whose visual solitude must admit its defeat: the sea. With a search lead of more than a year, Linkoff traveled to the regions and conquered the frontiers by diving. Trilogy Stories (Amnesia and Terror) by Henrik Naumann (video, 2012 film, 15 min) 1992. Both home videos have the same history. Both videos reveal intimate details from the lives of three teenagers. While some can’t wait to take their first ecstasy into amnesia, for others, the world ends behind Jenna’s prefab. MANSFELDER SCHREY by Thomas Jeschner (extract from video installation, D 2020, 30 min) The diverse social and political changes are reflected in the biographies of the people of the Mansfield area. The end of the 800-year-old mining tradition in 1990 is a drastic event for the Mansfield area. Capturing personal memories of the last generation of Mansfield miners is a concern of Thomas Geschner’s work. He’s been giving talks and interviews with people in the Mansfield area for ten years now. More Than Cinema: The Extended Cinema can be watched online from Tuesday, June 14th, at 6pm at ARD Media Library and on June 15/16. June, 0:10 a.m. on MDR TV.

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