Seven departing Tegernheim speaking

The longtime best performing players explain why they left the club.

FC Tegernheim is facing a major turmoil. Only a handful of players from the previous season are available for the fresh start that new coach Andrei Kleinknecht has to deal with. Some senior longtime players, including former captains Andreas Siegert and Sven Hoffmann, were upset that Jürgen Bauer, who took over the sport with Thomas Seitz in mid-November, accused them of a lack of character.

In particular, it concerns the following paragraph: “We had twelve firm commitments from the team at that time in the winter season. However, some players from this department revised their commitment and left the club. This has to do with character. It’s a shame, but that’s It is.” It comes from a report on the disruptions or restarts currently taking place at FC Tegernheim. In addition to Sven Hoffmann (32) and Andreas Siegert (31), Felix Zellner (24), Martin Glöckner (24), Leo Waldhauser (26), Stefan Schmidl (31) and Peter Hoffbauer (23) responded with a statement. .

The opinion
By Sven Hoffmann, Andreas Siegert, Felix Zellner, Martin Glöckner, Leo Waldhauser, Stefan Schmidl and Peter Hoffbauer in full:

We want to comment on the keyword ‘personal’ and take a stand on it. If so, both sides should be heard. The question arises: why did so many players leave the club?

1. The first sticking point was that Peter Bauer and Tom Schweiger either left the club or had to leave for reasons that are still not clear to us players. Despite repeated inquiries on our part, no reasonable reasons were given to us. From this time, the two discontinued in mid-November, some players maintained an open commitment to the new season.

One thing to keep in mind: The club would not have been so successful over so many years without Peter Power. For us, Peter Bauer is the FCT. His farewell, which took place in an unworthy place, was very sad. And in the first half of our match against Weiden.

With the resignations of Peter Bauer and Tom Schweiger, we got a new sporting director, only one of whom stood in front of the team to introduce himself. But in the background there was constant unrest.

2. The complete restructuring of the club (new management, finances, etc.) also led to turmoil for the team, which led to the decline of more and more players with their commitment to the new season. However, it was clear to many players that if the core of the team held together, they would. Simply because we were just a great team.

3. When we chatted amongst ourselves, we found that each of us had been told that almost all of the players would be staying for next season. However, this was not true, because due to some turmoil, one of the players has already announced that he is leaving the club. From that moment on, officials realized that something was wrong. An attempt was made to renegotiate with one or another player. But by that time it was already too late. In general, we played against each other.

You can also hear in the background that you don’t want to extend some players. But these players were told something completely different in personal conversations.

Some players still don’t know what will happen to them next season. The following answer was given when asked; “Come to the first training session, then we’ll see what happens!” Or: “The team is full now because we haven’t heard from you.” But the club did not seek to speak with these players.

4. But it goes further: Although the coaching staff and the club had already agreed on further cooperation for the 2022/23 season, the sports department was looking for another “training solution” in the background, despite the firm commitment. This is an absolute no-go.

5. The meritorious players for a long time have not received any recognition and have not been bid farewell at all or inappropriately.

6. Under normal circumstances, the team for the 2021/22 season would have stayed together mostly because we were getting along really well with each other. However, due to riots, lies and breach of trust, this could no longer be possible.

We think there is something wrong with the character on the club side. Or did a lot of players and coach quit?

We were all deeply rooted in the club and felt very comfortable in Tegernheim. It was a well-thought-out decision and difficult for all of us to leave the club. The move wasn’t easy, but it was inevitable.

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