Pokémon GO: The Trading Card Game Crossover starts tomorrow

On June 16, 2022, the Pokémon GO Trading Card Game Crossover event will begin. You can look forward to a lot of deployments and rewards. We at MeinMMO will show you which new Pokemon, spawns, shinys and rewards will be available.

What is this event? Pokémon TCG and Pokémon GO celebrate their collaboration. From July 1, there will be a special edition of Pokémon GO as a trading card expansion. Of course, the corresponding crossover event in the mobile game should not be missing on this occasion.

You can expect several matings and flashes as well as one bonus or the other. In addition, Shrimp, Tectass, and Pikachu debuted with a Pokémon TCG cover. And you can also look forward to the return of Shiny Meltan.

When does the transit event begin? The Trading Card event will start on June 16, 2022 at 10:00 local time and will run until June 30, 2022 at 20:00 local time.

Everything that is born and lights up for the crossover event

There will again be plenty of Pokemon to hunt during the TCG Crossover event. You can face them in the wilderness or compete with them in raids. The two Alola Pokémon, Rice Lose and Tectass, celebrate their first appearance in the game.

There will also be a new Pokémon in clothing: Pikachu with a special Pokémon TCG skin. This blue event cap is then also worn on the corresponding trading card (via pokemon.com).

Rice Lice, Tektas and Pikachu with Event Cover

We have summarized below where you can face the new monsters and any Pokémon available as well. We also have Pokémon with a

Notable, as you can also with a bit of luck come across shiny.

Wild Breeds for a Trading Card Event

In the wild, you can encounter changing eggs throughout the event. You will mostly encounter monsters from the first generation of games. But other Pokemon such as Rice Lose will also be found here.

  • You can also look forward to Lunastein and Sonnenfels, which will be available worldwide for the event, regardless of hemisphere. You can find the following wild eggs:
  • Bulbasaur *
  • biscanosb
  • Charmander *
  • glutexo
  • Squirtle *
  • Shylock
  • Alola Ratvis *
  • pikachu with event hat*
  • phlegmon *
  • Magicarb *
  • Evie *
  • and bless *
  • tempered nature*
  • pencil *
  • the camp *
  • Pedesa *
  • stupid*

rice louse

  • A little rarer to find:
  • onix *
  • Knife*
  • Relaxo *
  • Dragonite


Found all over the world:

All raid bosses for the trading card event

You can also meet new Raid Bosses in the Raids during the Trading Cards Crossover: raids
Pokemon Level 1 Raids
practice bar *
rice louse Level 3 Raids
Wheat Coconut Alola*
Relaxo *
LetterKing Level 5 Raids
me too * Huge raids
Mega Venosur *
Mega Charger X *
Mega Charger Way *

Mega Turbo * attention:

The Legendary Pokémon Mewtwo will also see a change in the Charged Attack he will get after being caught during the event. This is how you get it until June 23, 2022 at 10:00 local time with the Spooky Ball Attack, and then with Psycho Smash.

Rice Lice and Tectas – New Crossing Event Pokémon

With the beginning of the crossover event, you can meet Rice Lose and his evolution of Tectass for the first time in Pokémon GO. Both are from the seventh generation of games and belong to the insect and water species.

You can recognize the little Alola Pokémon by its silvery gray body and long arms. Visually, it is reminiscent of a kind of silverfish. On the other hand, its further development is noticeably larger and stands on two legs. Tectass also possesses a silver-gray scale-like body again.

During the event, you can encounter rice lice in the wild, in raids, and through rewards. You can only get Tectass by developing rice lice. You need 400 candies for this. But Reißlaus won’t be in the game like Shiny at the moment.

All Crosshairs Rewards

In addition to the various spreads and shines, you can also look forward to one or the other reward for the trading card event. It is especially worth igniting the miracle box during the event period, which is why you should wait until Thursday to open it.

  • The following rewards are waiting for you:
    • Field research for the event prize:
  • Encountering Bisaknosp, Glutexo, Schillok, Event-Capped Pikachu*, Rice Lose, Bisaflor*, Charizard*, Blaster*, Snorlax*, Dragoran, Letarking
    • 6 Collector’s Challenges of varying difficulty from June 16 at 10:00 a.m. to June 30 at 8:00 p.m. local time prize:
  • XP, Lure Modules, Incubator, Venusaur, Charizard, Blaster, Meltan
    • 3 more college challenges from June 23 10:00 a.m. to June 30 8:00 p.m. local time prize:
  • Venusaur, Charizard and Blastoise are encountered
    • Changing hemispheres on Lunastein and Solrock after the event New locations:
  • Lunastein = Western Hemisphere, Sunrock = Eastern Hemisphere
    • Wunderbox Special Features
    • With a bit of luck, Meltan can spawn out of it as shiny
Wunderbox has a reduced cooling period
Pokemon GO Meltan Shiny

Normal (left) and flaccid (right)

What do you think of the rewards and outcomes for the crossover event? Which Pokemon do you care about the most? And will you get one of the Pokémon GO-themed trading card expansions when they become available? Let us know here on MeinMMO in the comments and share your ideas with other coaches.

There’s still a lot to do in Pokémon GO in the coming weeks. We’ll show you all the events in June and the ones worth attending.

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