Pokémon GO after criticism of GO Fest

The big GO Fest 2022 took place in Pokémon GO on June 4 and 5, but there was a lot of criticism from the community, mainly due to the low illustrious yield. Now Niantic commented on the shining opportunities. We at MeinMMO will show you what they have to say.

What event is it about? A few days ago, Pokémon GO held its annual GO Festival. During the two-day event, trainers from all over the world can face a special spawn, defeat interesting raid bosses, solve research and take advantage of rewards.

Anyone who bought a special event ticket for less than 17 euros can also hope for more content, and therefore should also get a higher glossy share. But that is exactly what has come under heavy criticism since the GO Festival.

Many coaches who bought a ticket are now disappointed that they can barely pick up any hints or even not have any shiny at all at times. Our survey also shows how bad the brilliant return really is at GO Fest.

Michael Steranka (Product Director at Pokémon GO) has now commented on the criticism in a statement sent to dotesports online magazine.

What are the bright ones?
These are Pokemon that are visually different from their normal form due to their color. For example, iridescent gyrados are red instead of blue. So it’s rare to find Shinys in the game, which is why they are especially popular in the community.

“If the orgasm is repeated too often, it is detrimental to the game”

As Michael Steranka reports according to Digital Sports, Niantic has noted community criticism of GO Fest 2022 and has also received a lot of feedback about the event. They want to take this into account when planning future events.

In addition, he specifically comments on the criticism of the illustrious stake of GO Fest 2022 and says:

We understand that some trainers judge the quality of a Pokémon GO event primarily by the number of brilliant Pokémon they catch. We’ve heard trainers tell us how lucky they were this year in terms of the number of brilliant Pokemon they’ve caught, while others have tried the opposite. If Shinez talks too much, it will hurt the game in the long run.

Michael Steranka (via dotesports.com)

Steranka further explains that Niantic’s main goal when hosting GO Fest is for Coaches to enjoy the event’s weekend content, such as hunting, raiding, combat or exploration, but also with story, special research, and challenges like as well as items.

So the goal is for the entire GO Fest to be seen as worth it.

No reaction to further criticism: But the brilliant rate wasn’t the only point of criticism for the coaches. Some players reported having problems with smoke throughout the event. The pokemon that came out of the smoke will disappear in a few seconds, making it impossible to catch them.

But ticket holders in particular should get access to exclusive smoke forks, such as Galar Mime, Unown or Milza. According to dotesports, Niantic did not respond to this criticism of GO Fest 2022 in its statement.

Look for the “Explanation is just a kick in the face” coach.

The Niantic statement is a good topic of conversation, especially in the reddit community. On the other hand, Niantic’s reaction to some coaches plays a role, but also that Steranka did not address smoke issues. So you can find the following reactions there (via reddit.com):

  • Runmindor: “They basically admit that the game is a casino (which we knew, of course); “We want you to keep paying for the chance to get Shinys, but not get too much so you don’t erode our main source of income.”
  • Tklite: “Half of my smoke spawns as soon as it appears. When I was in the game world, smoke spawns, I clicked on them and they instantly eliminated them. A lot of spleen candy was gone.”
  • Jazpwitz: This is the worst possible reaction. You know C-Day rates make Chines worse. […] It’s okay to say that you don’t want people to get your Shinys easily, but you shouldn’t be selling tickets (or raid tickets or incubators) based on inflated prices and touting new Shinys as a perk when you turn around and accuse the fanbase of expecting shiny. This is your event. You guys sold it for $15, and without chines…not worth much. […] This statement is just a kick in the face.”

The fact that GO Fest 2022 caused such a strong reaction was already evident right after the event. Whether coaches are disappointed or satisfied depends largely on two factors, namely whether they play with or without a card. And there was certainly positive feedback about GO Fest 2022, even if many players were somewhat disappointed with the new statement.

What do you think of Niantic’s statement about the shiny price tag for GO Fest 2022? Do you agree that shinys should be rare in the game? Or should Pokémon GO make an exception for such events? Let us know in the comments here on MeinMMO.

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