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The coming days will be hot It’s good to drink a lot – and keep your head cool in other ways. Photo: Carl Josef Hildenbrand / D

Long weekend promises with temperatures of over 30°C. It is important that you remain calm. Our editorial team has put together tried and tested methods for better handling of heat.

Temperatures are rising. Temperatures above 30 degrees are expected this week. And even if sunny weather is a generally welcome guest: excessive and prolonged heat is not only unpleasant, but also dangerous for people, animals and nature. But with some tips you can protect yourself and others.

1. Drink a lot

The most important rule at first: when the temperature is high, you should drink a lot. Depending on the effort, you can increase the daily amount of drinking by one and a half to two liters, a spokeswoman for the German Red Cross (DRK) recommends when requested by our editors.

Tap water is well suited, mixed with tea or some juice to compensate for the loss of minerals. DRK also suggests drinks that contain electrolytes, such as apple cider vinegar. It should be lukewarm rather than icy cold. Alcohol should be avoided: it removes only important water from the body.

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2. Live Consciously

It is best to sleep at night with a thin blanket and an open window. However, the window should remain closed during the day. It is better to ventilate intensively in the morning and evening and only intermittently during the day. Rooms should also be darkened, especially in the midday sun.

3. Do not leave pets (and young children) in the car

Even at 20 degrees in the sun, the car can quickly heat up to 40 degrees. At 30 degrees, the lethal threshold of 46 degrees for dogs can be reached within 30 minutes. Even a shaded spot or a slightly open window doesn’t help much. Even a quick purchase can have serious consequences. In hot weather, it is best to leave your four-legged friend at home. The same applies to infants and young children. They should also not be left alone in the car when it is hot.

4. Don’t forget the sunscreen

You should not be exposed to the sun unprotected for more than a short period of time. Infants, young children, and the elderly in particular should avoid direct sunlight. The eyes are best protected with the right sunglasses, the body with sunscreen with a high SPF of at least 15, for children and sensitive people over 50. At best, excessive exposure to the sun without protection only leads to burns The sun, at worst, heat stroke, heat stroke or even skin cancer. A DRK spokeswoman also advises especially sensitive people to wear a sun hat.

5. Light Fare

Although barbecues are great in the summer, it’s best to have light food when the weather is hot. This includes a lot of fruit and vegetables. If you don’t want to miss the barbecue, a little poultry or fish is enough. Basically, servings should be rather small. Large, heavy meals put a strain on digestion.

The sweat has to be able to evaporate to really cool you down. In addition, air circulation should work under the clothes. Thus, clothing suitable for hot weather is light, resistant to light, covered and able to absorb sweat and let the heat in.

7. Cooling

If you suffer from heat, you should cool off regularly. DRK also recommends applying wet towels to the head and neck area to cool the body. “Under any circumstances, ice should be given directly to the corpse,” the DPRK spokeswoman said. Other than that, a visit to one of the many outdoor pools or, for the kids, to one of the area’s water playgrounds is also worthwhile.

8. Avoid effort

Hard physical labor or training is more stressful in the heat or can have serious consequences. It is better to relax during the day and outside and not to over-move, unfortunately it is unavoidable to work in hot weather as road workers know for example.

9. We take care of each other

In hot weather, you need to be considerate and help each other. In a thermal emergency, the injured should be immediately brought into the shade, the upper body raised, and if the person is dizzy, their legs should be raised. DRK recommends calling 112 immediately in this case.

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