Everything you need to know about writing a diary

7 daily modes

Writing a diary is not just writing a diary! There are different journaling methods that you can use to focus on very different areas. Whether summarizing experiences, setting new goals, getting to know each other better, fostering creativity or working on your own situation – 7 most popular shapes The journal can be found here:

1. 6 minute magazine

This type of diary is one of the most popular diary writing techniques. With this technique, you have a private journal in which you answer two to three questions in the morning and evening. The whole thing usually only takes a few minutes (ideally 6 minutes) and should help you set goals better, draw new creativity and organize the chaos in your thoughts. By the way, you can buy a 6-minute diary of different colors on Amazon for about 25 euros.

2. Stream of consciousness / writing automatically

Autoblogging is one of the somewhat freer forms of journaling, also known as stream of consciousness. Take a blank notebook and a few minutes. And then you start writing whatever comes to your mind – ASAP. It might seem a little strange at first, but with this technique you can clear your mind and boost your creativity in the event of a slight slump.

3. Success Magazine

Success Journal is more success-oriented, as the name suggests, recording your successes and setting your goals for the future. This magazine should be designed in an especially intensely colorful and detailed way in order to enhance self-confidence and create a positive atmosphere at the same time. With this 80-color permanent marker set (about 30€ from Amazon), you can design your notes artistically and very easily.

4. Diary with prompts

This is a simplified form of stream of consciousness. Sentence beginnings, so-called prompts like “Today I’m looking forward to…” or “Today I’m planning to…”, make getting started with free writing easier. Thanks to this technique, which has proven itself especially in everyday life, you can reorganize your mentality, bring more positivity to your life, strengthen your creative streak and better set goals. This diary writing method provides an easy start, especially for beginners.

5. Gratitude Journal

Gratitude journal brings you more humility and gratitude in your life. Every night you can write in your diary what you were grateful for that day. The little things should also be put on paper, because this is how you learn to appreciate the little things in life. With this diary template you can also unleash your creativity on notebook pages – use colors, photos, and partners to further emphasize the positivity of this journal and to change the way you think in the long run.

6. Bullet magazine

Calendar, notes, lists, reminders, thoughts, moments, goals and ideas all in one – this is Bullet Journal. With this method of diary, created by designer Carroll Ryder, you can design your laptop or notebook according to your personal preferences – whether it’s colorful and illustrated or something simpler. However, in order not to lose track, you should find a structure from the very beginning so that interesting ideas, thoughts or important dates are not lost.

7. Contact Diary

Have you noticed time and time again that you have problems maintaining your friendships and socializing is not so easy for you? Contact notes, which have been especially popular during the Corona pandemic, are a great way to change that in this case. Set a goal in the morning to talk to at least one family and one friend that day, and think about your feelings in the evening. With this technique, you can strengthen your relationship and friendships and reflect on your social behavior in order to work on yourself better.

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