Doctor Who Season 14: You Need To Know This About New Episodes Of The British Cult Series

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Doctor Who returns to BBC One for Season 14 in 2023. Below you can find out what is known about the beginning, plot, trailer, cast, and special for the 60th anniversary.

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  • In the year 2023, the popular series “Doctor Who” celebrates its 60th anniversary and returns to the screens with the fourteenth season.
  • However, there is no definite start date yet.
  • Ncuti Gatwa (“Sex Education”) takes on the role of Dr. Jodi Whitaker (“Broadchurch”).

The cult series BBC One Doctor Who returns for season 14 in 2023. With us you’ll learn all about the beginning and story of the new episodes. We’ll also tell you who the new Doctor is and what you need to know about the special.

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Doctor Who Season 14: Launch

There is no definitive start date for Season 14 yet. So far it is only known that the new episodes 2023 on BBC One Will appear.

In Germany, new episodes will likely start a few months later on Fox Pay TV. About two months after the start of pay TV, one of them is broadcasting the series on free TV.


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Doctor Who Season 14: Story

Not much can be said about the plot of the new episodes yet. But with the return of former model Russell T Davis, things are set to change. “As with any change of doctor and showrunner, we will be radical […] “Change is coming,” said Piers Wenger, BBC drama director.

In the finale of Flux, the strange love between Yaz and the Doctor is alluded to. So it is very likely that the 14th Doctor is an anomaly.

Doctor Who Season 14: Trailer

No trailer or footage available at the moment. As soon as a trailer or images appear, you will find them here.

Doctor Who is special for the 60th Anniversary

In October 2022 you can expect the third episode of “Doctor Who” special to mark the 60th anniversary of the series. Episode 1 premiered in January 2022, Episode 2 in April 2022.

It has now been revealed that “How I Met Your Mother” star Neil Patrick Harris is filming some scenes in a new special that is set to air in 2023.

Showrunner Russell T Davies said, “It’s a great honor to open our studio doors to the amazing Neil Patrick Harris…But who, why, what’s he playing? You just have to wait and see. But I promise, what we film is absolutely stunning. Be warned, Doctor!” ”

Doctor Who Season 14: Cast

After Jodie Whittaker (“Broadchurch”) exits the series, a new doctor has already been found. The role will be taken by Ncuti Gatwa (“Sex Education”). He is the first black doctor in the series. With us you will learn how rejuvenation can happen to the doctor.

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Yasmine Feeney (“Heartstopper”) joins the cast of the series. Details about her role are not yet available. David Tennant (“Good Omens”), the Tenth Doctor, and Catherine Tate will be the guest stars in the new season. Other actors of the new season have not been announced.

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