After a two-year hiatus, “Little Theater” returns to Schwarzenbeck

Schwarzenbeck (LOZ). Despite the interruption related to corona, cooperation between the city of Schwarzenbeek and Hamburger Kammersbeele has been successfully resumed. The result is a colorful program with a lot of humor and music, but also more serious tones in the form of the best current songs and modern classics.


ABBA makes you happy! Caroline Furtenbacher and the Band (concert)

Caroline Furtenbacher, a multi-award winning singing talent, known to a large audience through her stage success with Abba’s musical “Mamma Mia!” , in which she played the main character of “Donna” for five years, dedicated to her solo project “Fortenbacher’s Intimate Night” for the Swedish pop group, accompanied by music by Anya Strass on cello and Achim Raven on bass. Intimate and unplugged, with a proper groove and wink, she offers her own style to the legendary songs she’s been dealing with for years.

Fighting Rabbits (comedy drama)

In the two-person comedy, Ehnerts speak for themselves; How they fell in love, they said yes after only a week and they finally ended up where all couples ended up at some point – in a less than glamorous daily relationship with its ridiculous fights and extremely dramatic discussions that always seemed so ridiculous on the outside. duel rabbits IBut it’s not only a much-loved comedy for couples, because Ehnerts also plays all the people they meet in their struggle to save their marriage: healers, pastoral workers, friends and former partners. All this is not only fast-paced and fun, but it also behaves impressively and is peppered with facts about the origin and function of marriage in different times and societies.

The German Teacher (play/crime novel)

Matilda Kaminsky and former shooting star among young authors Xavier Sand meet again as part of a school project. A lot has happened since the once dreamy couple broke up sixteen years ago. Xaver’s son has been kidnapped from his marriage to the daughter of a prominent publisher. To this day there is no trace. Matilda lives alone. She still suffers from the fact that Xavier left her. They immediately resume the story-telling game before. Each one tells a story to the other. But the end of the story took over by the other! Matilda ventures into a dangerous region in the imagination. Xavier counters. Who has the best ending? What caused the mysterious disappearance of young Jacob fifteen years ago? Was their reunion really a coincidence?

The judge and his flogging (play)

Police Lieutenant Schmid was found in his car with a bullet wound. The investigation is conducted by Detective Inspector Barlach, who suffers from a serious stomach ailment and, at his request, is supported by the young police officer Chans. The main suspect, a certain Jasman, was quickly found. Barlach is no stranger to Gastmann. For 40 years, the two have been betting. At the time, Gastman claimed that the crime could be executed so perfectly that it could neither be solved nor punished. To prove this, he paid a water merchant who was in financial difficulties so much that the court ruled his death a suicide. In the years that followed, Gastmann committed many other crimes that Barlach could not prove. With this case, Barlach finally gets a chance to bring down Jasman. However, Barlach will stop at nothing for this …

Opening of the 2022/2023 season in a cabaret:

This year’s “Small Stage” program begins on September 23, 2022 with the cabaret performance “5% Dignity” by Leipziger Pfeffermühle.

A critical piece of humor on the topic of political correctness/voting, accompanied by popular ABBA songs with modified lyrics.

Four members of the Leipziger Pfeffermühle attempt, with dignity, to circumvent obstacles to political correctness and, with a second vote, present their first predictions, the latest polling numbers and the provisional allocation of seats.

Price information:

Sept 23 cabaret piece: €25 per seat
Playing in association with Hamburger Kammerspiele: €29 in the booths, €27 in the lower two
Subscription to Hamburger Kammerspiele plays: €110 in the booths, €102 in the two lower levels

All seasonal plays begin at 7:30 p.m. Doors open at 19. The entrance is located on Ritter-Wulf Platz 1.

Before sales:

Pre-sales for all parts begin August 15th. The ticket office is located in the city library, Ritter-Wulf-Platz 1. Purchases can only be made with cash. It is not possible to reserve tickets or return tickets purchased.

More information:

Tel: 04151-881132 or This e-mail address is being protected from spambots and spambots! To display JavaScript it must be running.

All pricing information is also available on the city’s website:

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