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KO drops have been a known problem in the German night scene for years. Now there are the first cases in which sufferers were injected with similar substances. This is what is known about needle needles so far and with these tips you can protect yourself and others.

Since the end of last year, cases of needle puncture have been reported in Great Britain – now the first cases are also found in Germany. Spiking gives people substance without their knowledge. The previously known form is Spiking drink, where infected people mix medicines into a drink. in needle needles This is done with a needle that people prick.

Needle drop: Symptoms similar to KO . drops

Sufferers experience symptoms similar to those of alcohol poisoning or after taking knockout drops: They feel nauseous, dizzy, lose their orientation, and sometimes pass out. They often experience memory loss later. Those affected usually notice the site of the needle puncture the next morning.

By far the most common incidence of (new) crime in the UK. After the students returned to the face-to-face events at the university, more than 1,000 cases became known. More than 300 cases have been reported in France. According to reports from Tagesspiegel, two cases have been known from the Bergen Tech Club in Berlin, Germany. There have been other cases in Belgium and the Netherlands. Victims were assaulted at parties, concerts, clubs and bars.

In France, for example, according to the report, the authorities arrested only two people in connection with these crimes. In addition, investigations are made more difficult by the fact that ingested substances can usually only be detected briefly in blood and urine – BUT: no trial can be conducted without a sample. Therefore, investigators are not sure which drugs are injected. However, these two are suspected to be Rohypnol and gamma-hydroxybutyrate (GHB), which are also koo drops Uses.

The motives are unclear because the perpetrators have hardly been identified. Physical abuse, rape, human trafficking, and reprisals are possible. But it may also be that the perpetrators just want to create fear, Dawn Daines, founder of the British NGO Stamp Out Spiking, suspects to The Washington Post. It calls for better training for bar staff, security guards, and people who work in the night economy to reduce crime.

You should do this after the needle attack

The “Sonar” initiative from Berlin deals with needle pumping. Andrea Best of the Addiction Prevention and Assistance Project provided advice for victims in an interview with rbb24. You should tell someone else immediately “If you notice something that happens to me, I feel uncomfortable” This could be a ranger, a friend, or someone from the so-called welfare outreach team on site that you can turn to if you feel unwell. You should think together about whether you want to go to the rescue center, the police or the rest room first, if available. “It is important that you are not left alone or fired by club staff because you appear to be intoxicated or out of control.”

Best recommended those affected to contact A Contact point report to. The following initiatives were named:

  • People read as a female can do it at the Lara Berlin Counseling Center. Point of contact for victims of sexual violence. It’s not about an advertisement, it’s about psychological preparation and follow-up care.
  • People who read males can contact MUT. The same program awaits you there as in Lara Berlin.
  • If you want to report the crime, you usually need evidence. They can be secured on an outpatient basis to protect against violence in the Charité. Because puncture wounds and bruises heal quickly, everything is professionally documented there so that it stands up in court.

Measures to prevent needle twitching

According to Best, even those not directly affected should keep the following precautions in mind:

  • Never go home alone, always with someone you trust.
  • Report suspicious persons to club staff.
  • Also pay attention to others, for example talk to people who seem helpless or startled and ask if they need help. If necessary, inform the club staff and go to the ambulance or police. At least, one should not leave such people alone and, for example, inform their friends or comrades.

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