The digital twin: Knowing more for more efficient use, AUCOTEC AG, press release

Aucotec AG, a developer of engineering software since 1985, is introducing two new concepts at ACHEMA 22: one that will make communication and transmission of data and documents much easier for plant operators and their contractors in the future. The second creates a new level of provision and use of data on all related assets. Both solutions are based on the Collaborative Engineering Base (EB) platform.

Thus, operators achieve more efficiency in building the digital twin and at the same time receive more intelligence for its use. Because data is focused across disciplines, EB’s exceptionally comprehensive digital twin accelerates maintenance and conversions. ACHEMA visitors can actually get a glimpse of this future at the Aucotec booth.

Supports ET IT and OT

The new “EB Alliance” for more efficient communications will include two thematic areas: the seamless exchange of data between operators and suppliers, each of which have created their own EB environments, as well as the outsourcing and reintegration of the digital twin to constantly transform terminal projects in operation, no matter how complex they are. .

The exchange of data from different parties using the same system is usually complicated by the fact that they have different versions and configurations. This will be different in the future,” explains Aucotec Senior Product Manager Dr. Poria Begvand. When importing data from a supplier using EB, all data can be set to a recipient configuration state with the EB Alliance, so that errors or misunderstandings don’t appear in the first place. As The transfer of the digital twin of a subsystem to be transformed or expanded, as well as its consistent integration into the new state as built after work is completed, will significantly speed up transformation projects.” The “Alliance” aims to further enhance the role of EB in the companies that use it, to be the focus of technology Engineering (ET) as an authoring and data warehouse system, and thus to optimally support IT and OT,” says Bigvand and assures: “Our clients belong to large operators with more than 100 contractors; The new procedure makes the exchange very efficient and clear, even across the entire chain of suppliers.”

interdisciplinary Botanical knowledge speeds up maintenance

The second concept includes a comprehensive navigation solution that shows operators all connections of an asset at any given time. EB’s digital twin is far more detailed and intelligent than any document-based asset maintenance systems can provide. Where the principal origins and their properties were previously known, the EB digital system model also defines all dependent objects down to every socket in the process area, every terminal connection in the electrical system and every signal in the automation. However, according to the product manager, it is also important that knowledge of the entire relationship is also modeled around these objects.

“The solution that Aucotec is currently developing on this comprehensive basis will make it possible in a unique way to obtain an overview of all communications across all engineering disciplines in the shortest possible time,” he explains. For example, from an alarm signal through the automation system to the sensor in the field, and from there through the pipeline to the affected valve, back to its control and so on. For operations, this means being able to prepare for maintenance in a greatly improved way and reduce downtime or avoid it altogether in the event of a failure. “This means that every investment in the digital twin pays off many times over,” says Poria Bejvand.

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