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There can be long waits at Dusseldorf Airport. (Editing by IDZRW) © Marcel Kusch / dpa & Roland Weihrauch / dpa

Lately there have been long queues and waiting times at Düsseldorf Airport. 24RHEIN provides an overview of what you need to consider at check-in and at the security checkpoint.

Düsseldorf – For two years there has been little going on at the airports of North Rhine-Westphalia. After all, few flights flew abroad during the pandemic, and flights were scarce. Corona incidents are declining again, people want to travel – and the number of passengers at airports is increasing. “Unfortunately, delays and longer waiting times can currently occur in handling passengers and baggage,” Dusseldorf Airport wrote on its website. What do you need to consider when departing from Dusseldorf Airport?

Waiting time at Dusseldorf Airport: How long do you have to be there before that?

According to Dusseldorf Airport, waiting times vary by time and the size of passengers and staff. Experience has shown that longer waiting times can be expected, especially on weekends, public holidays and holidays in NRW and the Netherlands. Lately, there have always been long queues and waiting times at Dusseldorf Airport.

Airlines have different recommendations for arriving at Dusseldorf Airport regarding how early you should be at the airport. Most recommend when flying Inside Europe 2 hours before departure to be there, in Intercontinental flights take three hours Be There Before Passengers must consider check-in times, security, and find the right gate. Especially with the latter, specifications can change automatically – so travelers should definitely keep an eye on advertisements and advertisements.

Dusseldorf Airport: How to quickly pass the security check

Longer waiting times on weekends and public holidays are especially apparent at security checkpoints at Düsseldorf Airport. If you want to know more accurately what waiting time to expect, you can use the Dusseldorf Airport app to find out more. Düsseldorf Airport has some tips ready to help you pass the security check as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Short waiting time at security checks: tips from Düsseldorf Airport

► Go to security inspection immediately upon check-in

► Keep handbags to a minimum

► Do it without unnecessary fluids

► Keep essential liquids and cosmetics as well as electronic devices close at hand in your handbag

► Empty your pants pockets, store small items in your jacket or in your handbag

► Take off your jacket before the examination, open your belt

Dusseldorf Airport: How is the airport check-in?

Düsseldorf Airport offers several check-in options. On the other hand, you can check in the traditional way at the counter on the departures floor in the arrival hall. You can find the appropriate flight counter on the information screens at the airport. Check-in also works at dedicated machines. This type of check-in requires either a credit card, a frequent flyer card or a passport. Check-in can also be done using the reservation code. Baggage check-in with the airline must be done in advance, if you are only traveling with hand luggage, you can go directly to the security check.

Dusseldorf Airport: How does the night before check-in work?

Some airlines offer late-night check-in in the evening before your flight. You can check in your baggage the day before your flight. A special feature: in the case of families, not all of their members have to be present – thus children can avoid long waiting periods and, last but not least, a lot of stress. There should be only one person at the airport for this purpose, who can check-in with the necessary tickets, passports or visas and hand luggage to all other passengers. The relevant tour operator or airline will provide more information about when you will be at the airport the night before this type of check-in.

Almost all airlines at Dusseldorf Airport offer online check-in. You can register in advance on the respective website and thus save one more step on the day of departure. The same applies here: baggage other than hand luggage must be handed over to the airline, and then taken directly to the security check.

These airlines fly from Dusseldorf airport

  • Aegean Airlines
  • Air Lingus
  • Air Cairo
  • Air Europa
  • Air France
  • Air Malta
  • Mediterranean flight
  • Air Baltic
  • Air Serbia
  • All Nippon Airways
  • Austrian Airlines
  • British Airways
  • condor
  • Cordon Airlines
  • Cordon Airlines Europe
  • easyJet
  • UAE
  • Etihad Airways
  • Euro Wings
  • Finn Airlines
  • Freebird Airlines
  • Freebird Airlines Europe
  • GP to fly
  • europe holiday
  • Iberia
  • KLM
  • LOT Polish Airlines
  • Lufthansa
  • Malaysia Airlines
  • Novell Air
  • Onur Aviation
  • Pegasus Airlines
  • Qantas Airways
  • Scandinavian Airlines
  • Sky Up Airlines
  • Sun Express
  • Sunday
  • Swiss
  • TAP Portugal
  • Twively
  • Tunisian Airlines
  • Turkish Airlines
  • Ukraine International Airlines
  • UR . Airlines
  • Vueling

Dusseldorf Airport: What is the best place to park a car?

Düsseldorf Airport offers 20,000 parking spaces on 11 different parking floors and car parks. You’ll land near the station especially if you park in the orange station fare area, especially cheaply in the long-term yellow fare areas. If you follow this car parking guidance system, you will find the parking space of your choice easier. A glimpse of the different car parks:

Parking place Advantages The distance to the station
P1 directly at the station 1 minute walk
p 2 directly at the station 2 minutes walk
p 3 Near the station, filling stations for electronic cars 2 minutes walk
p 4 Affordable large car garage and fuel station for electronic cars 2 minutes with SkyTrain Airport
p 5 Affordable large car garage and fuel station for electronic cars 2 minutes with SkyTrain Airport
p 7 Near the car rental center, near the check-in 2 minutes walk
p 8 Underground parking at Pier C, advantages for buses and trains 2 minutes walk
p 11 Directly on the premises, a maximum parking time of 30 minutes is recommended 1 minute walk
p 12 Directly on the premises, a maximum parking time of 30 minutes is recommended 2 minutes walk
p 23 cheap parking 7 minutes walk
p 24 cheap parking 15 minutes walk

Passengers who primarily want to get to the station quickly should use car parks P1, P2, P3, P4, P5, P7 or P8. Those who just want to take someone or take them to the plane are advised to use the P11 and P12 car parks. P23 and P24 provide cheap parking spaces for long term use. In the best case, a parking place should be reserved in advance. So no nasty surprises on arrival.

How to get to Düsseldorf Airport by bus and train?

About 350 trains stop at Düsseldorf Airport’s long-distance station each day. From there you can take the so-called SkyTrain directly to Terminals A, B and C after a 7-minute journey, and the train runs between 3.45 a.m. and 0.45 a.m. every 5-7 minutes.

The S-Bahn line S11 takes you directly to the terminal building at Düsseldorf Airport. From there the train runs to Düsseldorf Main Station and Neuss and Cologne Main Stations to Bergisch Gladbach. The airport bus stop is located directly below the station. (spr) Tip: Fair and reliable information about what’s happening at NRW – sign up for our free 24RHEIN newsletter here.

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