Lamb President of Tafel: ‘Soon he will serve people who don’t know they will soon be table customers’

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“Services will soon be served to people who do not even know that they will soon be table customers”

Inflation in Germany has reached its highest level in nearly 50 years

Strong increases in energy and food prices pushed Germany’s inflation rate to its highest level in nearly 50 years. In May, consumer prices were 7.9 percent higher than they were in the same month last year, the Federal Statistics Office calculated.

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More and more food banks in Germany are reaching their full potential. According to Tafel president Uwe Lampe, some have already had to freeze entry for new guests. With the sharp rise in general inflation, the situation will continue to deteriorate in the future.

DrThe sharply increased demand among the needy has pushed the food banks in Lower Saxony and Bremen to their limits. Several food banks have already stopped accepting new guests, the head of the state federation of food banks, Uwe Lambi, told Evangelical Press Service on Tuesday. You can only temporarily distribute donated food from supermarkets or bakeries to registered customers. The main reasons are the strong influx of refugees from Ukraine and the rise in food prices. In Lower Saxony and Bremen there are a total of 106 paintings.

“It is likely that soon more panels will reach the limits of their potential,” said Lampi. Naturally, the Tafel wanted to avoid that. “But colleagues can’t help themselves at the moment.” Before the war in Ukraine, the food banks of the National Assembly had about 150,000 regular customers. “Now there are another 70,000.” The Tafel supports those in need with leftovers that are still edible but can no longer be sold. However, this amount cannot be increased at will, Lampi explained.

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Rapidly increasing general inflation is also directly observable in food banks. “When energy suppliers will soon send out the new notifications on gas and electricity prices, we will see an unprecedented influx of everyone who understands this is going to be a problem for them now,” said Lampi, who runs the council. In Spring Hanover directs. “We can turn back the clock,” the chairman predicted.

For individual customers, the quantities of groceries picked up can then be reduced. This can quickly lead to tensions at the site. Lamb explained that the increased number of volunteers will place an even greater burden on the approximately 6,000 volunteers, most of whom are elderly. As a result, they will have to work longer and will also be under stress if they can no longer serve the guests as much as they used to.

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Anyone who wants to get food from a food bank usually has to prove their need. According to the lamp, this can be done by a Hartz IV decision, asylum eligibility or pension decision if the pension is not more than 900 euros. Boards are rarely abused by unlicensed people, the president emphasized: “Usually anyone who goes to the board is really needy.”

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