CS: GO – BLAST Premier Spring Finals 2022 Viewer Guide

Both BLAST Premier Spring 2022 Finals It is a prize money of approximately 406.000 euros, about the distribution of eight of the strongest teams in the world in “CS: GO” battling. The tournament winner will also receive an invitation to the World Finals at the end of the year to get more Ashes. Qualification for the first main event of 2022 at Arena Blast has been going on since January: six teams got their tickets to the finals in the spring groups, and two more teams reached the final via the European and American showdown.

The tournament takes place from From 15 to 19 June 2022 At the Altice Arena in the Portuguese capital, Lisbon.

This article summarizes what you need to know about the BLAST Premier Spring 2022 Finals in “CS: GO”. It is constantly updated with tournament results.

  1. BLAST Premier Spring 2022 Finals: The Teams
  2. BLAST Premier Spring 2022 Finals: Format
  3. BLAST Premier Spring Finals 2022 . FLOWING
  4. BLAST Premier Spring 2022 Finals: Matches and Results

BLAST Premier Spring 2022 Finals: The Teams

These top eight teams qualified for the 2022 BLAST Premier Spring Finals:

  • Team vitality (spring set)
  • Upstairs (spring set)
  • FaZe . clan (spring set)
  • G2 Esports (spring set)
  • Natus Fencer (spring set)
  • big (spring set)
  • ENCE (against the European Union)
  • pain games (morning confrontation)
Not only does the tournament feature a lot of big names, but they are currently on top, which promises an explosive competition: Natus Vincere (NAVI) may no longer dominate the scene as in 2021, but recently reached the final in Antwerp Grand Prix, where It failed due to its heir as the dominant force, the FaZe Clan. NAVI will line up with substitute Viktor “Somedieyoung” Orudzhev due to Captain Kirill “Boombl4” Mikhaylov’s comment – whether the mutual alignment is enough for a strong run remains to be seen.
FaZe Clan won all Class S tournaments (as determined by Liquipedia) in 2022 until Cloud9 ousted the team in the quarterfinals at IEM Dallas 2022 – however, FaZe is one of the narrowest circle of candidates.
This also includes the Finnish team ENCE, whose international team finished second in two Class S tournaments this year and reached the semi-finals of the Major. Another deep run is expected for this five.
These three teams are among the top favorites to win the title, but one shouldn’t cross out the rest: G2 Esports were in the final at IEM Katowice 2022, OG and Vitality came over the course of the German spring and quintet groups. BIG also appears to be currently in the top positions in The subscription you requested. The Brazilians from paiN Gaming, who were surprisingly victorious in the US showdown against FURIA Esports, are the underdog.

Anyway, the ingredients for an exciting tournament are there.

BLAST Premier Spring 2022 Finals: Format

The eight teams start the tournament in two groups of four, with the double elimination formula applied and all matches take place as a best of 3 series. Only one team is eliminated at this point, and the rest reach the finals. This is one exclusion bracket, where the Best of 3 apply again. The second and third place teams start their career in the quarter-finals, then the winners of these duels have to play against the group winners in the semi-finals.

BLAST Premier Spring Finals 2022 . FLOWING

International broadcasts in English can be found on Twitch and YouTube on the linked channels. There is currently no information about Stream in German.

BLAST Premier Spring 2022 Finals: Matches and Results

The tournament begins on June 15, 2022 with the following group stage and matches:

  • (a) Axe against. Pain – 11 hours
  • (a) G2 against. Vitality – 14 o’clock
  • (B) Navi against. Upstairs 17 o’clock
  • (B) ENCE against. big – 8 pm

June 16, 2022 The group stage will conclude with these matches:

  • (A) Loser vs. Loser – 11 am
  • (a) Winner vs Winner – 2pm
  • (B) Loser vs. Loser at 5 p.m.
  • (B) Winner vs Winner – 8 pm

This article will be continuously updated.

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