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A mentally ill man is said to have killed his father in Ellerstadt and then mortally wounded a passenger while fleeing in Mannheim. There are many open questions.

The murdered father, the dead cyclist – what we know

According to the police, a 36-year-old man killed his 69-year-old father on Sunday evening in an apartment building in Ellerstadt (Bad Dürkheim district). According to investigators, he was in a psychological emergency. The mother was also present during the altercation which several neighbors overheard and then reported to the police. Police say she sustained minor injuries. After the alleged crime in Ellerstadt, the man got into his mother’s sports car and drove in the direction of Mannheim. The town is about 19 kilometers from Ellerstadt. A police patrol initially chased the man near Ellerstadt, but then missed him.


A man is said to have killed his father in Ellerstadt (Bad Dürkheim) and then deliberately hit cyclists with his car in Mannheim. A woman died.

A cyclist dies of her injuries at the scene in Mannheim

About an hour after the alleged crime in Ellerstadt, the man collided in the port area south of Mannheim at a distance of one and a half kilometers with three cyclists and a cyclist. A police spokesman said the four people were not traveling in a group. The 71-year-old cyclist succumbed to her injuries at the scene. According to the police, the man deliberately hit the cyclist with his car. The three cyclists were taken to hospital with injuries. One of them has since been released from the hospital.

After the collision, the man stopped the car, partially undressed and jumped into the Rhine. Meanwhile, the police are already looking for the man. With the help of a police helicopter, the water police officers discovered the man in the water and took him out, arrested him and took him to the hospital.

The man was receiving medical treatment for a mental illness

Police and the Public Prosecutor’s Office in Mannheim assume that the 36-year-old suffers from a mental illness. Therefore, he was undergoing medical treatment. About a week before the events in Ellerstadt and Mannheim, he was taken to hospital as an inpatient. According to the authorities, he is said to have committed the crimes and is in a state of psychological emergency. A police spokesman said there was no evidence that the crime was politically motivated. The man has not yet appeared with the police.

A fatal argument, an alleged rampage – what we don’t know

How did the dispute arise between the son and the father? What was the cause of this eventual fatal altercation, in which the suspect’s mother was also slightly injured? On Monday, investigators said it was not certain whether the man used a stabbing weapon against his father. The only thing that seems clear is that the father was physically assaulted and beaten. The exact cause of the death of the 69-year-old father remains unclear. An autopsy can be shown here.

Ellerstadt in the district of Bad Dürkheim, a place name sign at the entrance to the city, a street with houses (Photo: SWR)

Ellerstadt in Bad Dürkheim: A 36-year-old man is said to have killed his 69-year-old father here on Sunday.


Why did Mann go from Ellerstadt to Mannheim?

It is also unclear: why did the man from Ellerstadt go to Mannheim of all places? Was it just a coincidence, or did he have a specific purpose? It is also perplexing why a man in the Mannheim port area hit three cyclists and a cyclist with his car. The cyclist was killed, and he is still a cyclist in the hospital.

Why did Mann get out of the hospital a week ago?

Mannheim Police formed a 20-person investigative team to also clarify this question: Why was the mentally ill man released from hospital a week before the crimes in Ellerstadt and Mannheim, where he was hospitalized due to his mental illness? And as the police announced, Monday, the man is currently in the hospital. At first the authorities did not want to comment on his health.

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