School social work is expanded in BBS Knowledge

Message from 06/13/2022

School social work is now just as important as teaching majors and minors. In the Altenkirchen region, this support network is being expanded more and more. The current beneficiary is the vocational school in knowledge.

School social work is becoming more important from day to day, as well as in Altenkirchen county sponsored schools. (photo: private)

Tinkerchen. In times when it is difficult to deal with children and young people during their stay in schools, the importance of school social work is increasingly increasing. The District of Altenkirchen, as sponsor of the three grammar schools in Altenkirchen, Bitzdorf and Knowledge, has already benefited from the federal program Catch up after Corona for Children and Youth in 2021 and 2022 (funding three part-time jobs initially until mid-2023), so we are delighted to have you accepted into the The new government funding program for school social work in the year of professional preparation (BJV), in which a new 0.75 position in the vocational school in the field of knowledge is proportionately funded, for which the Youth Welfare Committee of the Judicial Council gave its unanimous approval at its meeting on Monday noon (13 June) . This increases the number of digits to 2, since there are already 1.25. Mainz contributes a total sum of €22,950 (for this year from €9,562 if the occupation is successful in August), the value of which is an additional €30,000, which District Manager Dr. Peter Enders, according to District Council II member Klaus Schneider, as head of Department III (Youth and Family), has promised support. Schneider also quoted the message from the state: One of the state government’s primary concerns is educational equity, particularly the achievement and equalization of opportunity and accessibility between educational pathways. The pre-professional year is an important tool in this regard. Prepares young people without a professional qualification for entry into vocational training or employment if, after entering a public school, they cannot enter into a training relationship or take up employment for various reasons.

Trouble filling vacancies?
The funding program, for which only twelve schools were selected, is designed for the long-term. But, as Schneider qualified, that position would be very difficult to fill because, according to the Federal Employment Agency, the shortage of skilled workers is even greater than the shortage of, say, nursing. However, the increase was considered reasonable and correct. The task of school social work is required and necessary in our entire school system. The federal program was launched in the summer of last year with a volume of two billion euros, and in the fall of 2021 the state of Rhineland-Palatinate announced the size of its grants. Since the year was already late, the funds could be carried over from 2021 to 2022. A total of 414,104.25 euros flowing into the local area. By April 30, 2023, the federal government should have received proof of use and accounts. In general, the youth welfare service of the Rhineland-Palatinate was happy to receive 13.73 million euros.

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Not completely used
Other money from the federal program that could flow into three areas (educational social work, support for extracurricular learning, and vacation care) has yet to be fully used. It results from minimal support aid not yet planned and from proceeds as projects become cheaper, explained Mark Schneider, Head of Division 5 (Youth and Family). The bottom line is the remaining amount of about 10,000 euros. The meeting unanimously voted that two trips for youth education and culture to Hamburg and the urban Ruhr region, for example, could be supported from this much. Mark Schneider explained that requests were still being received, and was pleased: We haven’t turned down any requests yet. In addition, Klaus Schneider was authorized without objection to make decisions within the framework of the program – without consulting the commission.

money to build a shelter
The district also contributes to its fee for the construction of a forest group shelter (20 childcare places) in the municipal day care center in Daaden, which amounts to approximately €5,507. And Klaus Schneider mentioned that it actually works. It is always nice that the state participates in such a measure at 90 percent. The total costs amounted to 116085 euros, qualifying for 110,134 euros, so that 99,121 euros were transferred from Mainz. After deducting this amount from eligible costs, 11,013 euros remained, which repatriated with the city of Daaden and the Altenkirchen region (each with 5,507 euros). (T)

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