Pokémon GO: The quest day was finally good again

Yesterday, June 12, 2022, Pokémon GO held a research day as part of Adventure Week. This has been well received by many coaches, but accommodation plays a crucial role. At MeinMMO we took a look at what happened.

What event is it about? In the past few days, Pokémon GO has run Adventure Week, which culminated in a small event in the form of a research day with Schilterus and Koknodon.

For four hours on June 12, you can encounter Changing Eggs, encounter wild Amarino and Balgoras, and complete a limited-time quest in the wild.

Now the research day is over and the coaches have drawn their conclusions about the mini-event in social networks. We looked at the most praised things and how the gaming experience relates to where you live.

“The search day was one of the most entertaining events”

After the GO Fest 2022 caused a lot of criticism in the community, especially due to the bad glossy yield, Niantic managed to score a lot on the quest day. Above all, the brilliant yield has been remarkable to many. But the event was generally praised on reddit.

  • Killer beans: “The search day was one of the most entertaining events.”
  • Mibham: “I’ve always enjoyed all kinds of quest days. Today I ran at my own pace for 2 hours and was like ‘OK, that’s it. Time to do something else. A monthly quest day with any Pokemon would be awesome.’”
  • the passenger: “We were just talking here about how it was definitely more fun than GO Fest. I know I’m lucky to be playing in a reasonably sized city with a lot of PokéStops. But with that said, the event made me go to areas I haven’t been to in years and stops a lot (for me).
    However, it made me laugh because I got one more shiny in 3 1/2 hours compared to the entire GO Fest (paid) last weekend. Despite all the walking, the day was much more relaxed and fun without faults. “
  • traditional side 6966: “What I loved the most about this quest day is that you don’t have to rush. In GO Fest or other wild mating events you often have to rush to get as many shinys as you want. In these events you get your quests and you want to complete them before heading to PokéStop Next. I walked my main road to my city and was able to complete every mission in that one course.”
  • Negative groove: “The game is at its best when you don’t have to depend on others. This constant pressure on society is making the game worse. Enjoyed the day, good spawn, good shiny price. The tasks were very challenging.”

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Criticism of Research Day – ‘They just don’t care’

Disadvantages of village players: The event was only a partial success, especially for coaches in rural areas. This is mainly because there are fewer PokéStops out there than in the cities. Since Research Day is designed for coaches to attend and solve special tasks that have limited time there, the number is much lower compared to places with many layovers.

While the chance of encountering Shiny Koknodon or Schilterus from quests was correspondingly high during the quest day, these players also need more luck due to the lower number of opportunities.

This is also critical of some players, which is why many want solutions from Niantic for the future. And so does Ausjam:

This type of quest days is very stressful for players who do not have access to many Pokestops. I live on an island with 8 bucky stops. There are plenty of spawns, two arenas, etc. which makes the island a decent place to play, but after a 10 minute walk to do those 8 missions (no gloss)…are you done?

I’m sure rural players feel the same way – unlike city dwellers who can explore and surf to their heart’s content. There are plenty of other long private research days where just picking and playing gave you plenty of shiny opportunities (Snubbull, Marill, Bidiza, maybe Owei, etc.?), but limiting the chances of Pokestops hurts a lot of your player base.

After 5 years, it would be nice to know Niantic better.

Ausjam (via reddit.com)

And other reddit users make similar comments:

  • Meow 0101: “I wonder why they didn’t bring in a mechanic that updates PokéStops with missions every half hour or hour during these kinds of events or on community days, especially since they love to talk about creating a ‘community.’ These events encourage people to go to different places.”
  • xygnux: “The funny thing is, there was actually a solution to this. The quest day was 20 pages of time-limited quests that I received when I logged in. Like snubbul day. Niantic would rather just sacrifice country and working weekend players in order to see them.”
  • 0006667777888: “You should know. They just don’t care. They don’t care about making their gaming experience good. It wouldn’t really be difficult to allow pauses at events like this to reset tasks, or even just allow them in areas with lower downtime intensity. Or they could add Extra pauses, so that every cell, no matter its size, has at least x pauses all of a sudden. They add these pauses in GO Fest events and such. They just don’t care.”

YouTuber ChaosLady answered the most important questions about applying for new PokéStops in an interview.

Poor spawn rate of Amarino and Balgoras

But there is another criticism of the event. The coaches would have liked more eggs from Amarino and Balgoras. Previously, the two dinos were only present for a few days by searching or from 7 kilometers from the eggs.

As part of the hunt day, it should alternately spawn for the first time in the wild. But they are rarely found there (via reddit.com).

  • Mibham: “Moreover, Amarino and Amarino were not well, very rarely. Niantic showed them in a search day photo and made the following announcement: Balgoras and Amarino will frequently appear in the wilderness. Not only do the words in bold give the wrong impression, they are completely redundant because Because the two are not produced in the wild anyway, any non-zero probability satisfies “a lot.”
  • Carrison Fire: “I haven’t seen Amarino anywhere, but Belgoras has been born everywhere on me.”
  • Stu: “While I must admit I was fortunate enough to be able to walk to a large city center (and thus hundreds of stops), this was one of the most enjoyable events I’ve had in a long time. The only downside was the dearth of Amarino and Balgoras forks – in the hour I played In them I saw 3 Balgoras only spawn.

How did you find your search day with Koknodon and Schilterus? Did you manage to secure the Chinese? Have you spotted Amarino and Balgors in the wild? Tell us what you think of the mini-event in the comments and share it with other coaches.

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