Lake Constance region: Are you still testing positive for Corona? What you need to know

Summer is finally like before Corona, concerts and travel: in June the annoying epidemic seems far away. However, a look at the Corona numbers in the Lake Constance region shows that the virus is still present. According to the state health office, more than 100 people are infected in the area every day. What rules apply to them? Here is an overview.

How do I follow One positive self test?

First of all, one must remain calm. For example, the Ministry of Social Affairs in Baden-Württemberg confirms in a bulletin: “Sometimes self-tests also give false positives.” Those affected should therefore have a free rapid antigen test performed by trained persons as soon as possible. There are still many stations for testing in the area.

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What to do if the rapid test is positive?

If the rapid test result is positive, this means: Going out of the house. There are statutory quarantine requirements for at least five days from the moment the sample is taken. A later PCR test does not extend the period. A negative rapid test can terminate isolation after five days. Quarantine lasts for a maximum of ten days.

Pretending PCR tests Infection already starting earlier?

Anyone who has been in contact with infected people, eg within the household, but is still passive, may want to play it safe quickly. Many state and federal websites confirm that PCR tests react more sensitively to viral loads than rapid tests. But how many days did they react before that?

The Robert Koch Institute writes upon request that a general statement is not possible. Rather, it depends on the individual course of the disease and the care taken in the antigen test – and can vary accordingly. One thing is clear: PCR tests cost about 70 euros and have to be paid out of pocket if there is no positive rapid test.

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Do I have to take sick leave?

not necessarily. Anyone who shows a positive result should self-isolate. But only those who cannot do their work also need a sick leave from the doctor. According to the Ministry of Health, the inability to work must be certified by a doctor as of the third calendar day. It is likely that many affected people will not be excused from seeing a doctor, because it is no longer possible to take sick leave over the phone. The corresponding special rule was limited to the end of May. Alternatively, video consultations are still possible – but not every doctor offers them.

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What are the penalties if you ignore infection control rules?

According to the Infection Prevention Act, Section 73, this can get really expensive. Depending on the specific offense, fines of up to 2,500 euros, and in some cases up to 25,000 euros, can be imposed.

How dangerous is the current Corona variable?

The predominant omicron variant is currently considered highly contagious, but its course is gentler than that of previous types of viruses. This was recently confirmed by Oliver Schaeffer, head of the Health Department of the Lake Constance region, to SÜDKURIER: Looking at the past few months, he spoke of “more infections with less severity”. However, he also cautioned from the perspective of the future: “Further development largely depends on the mutations of the virus that are still to come and the severity of the disease progression it causes.” So caution is still required.

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