Individual career guidance for Ukrainian refugees

MPeople from Ukraine who fled to Frankfurt since the outbreak of war in their homeland have been under the care of the Employment Center since June 1. Instead of receiving benefits under the Asylum Seekers Act, they can apply for Basic Guarantee. For this, however, certain requirements must be met, such as a categorical clarification of identity. In addition to the approximately €80 additional, which the refugees have as a result of the change, they are also accepted into the statutory health insurance system. However, Claudia Chernowski Grunberg, managing director of the Frankfurt Job Center, sees the real advantage in another point: people from Ukraine are now offered as much individual support as possible as they enter the labor market and train.

Mary Lisa Keeler

Deputy Head of the Regional Department of the Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung.

For example, in a preliminary interview, it is necessary to clarify what qualifications Ukrainians have and what support they need so that they can gain a foothold in the labor market as quickly as possible. On the one hand, it is about supporting the recognition of school and professional qualifications, and on the other hand, there is a need for more training offers. “Recording profiling is important so that we can give good advice,” Chernhorsky Grunberg says.

While the basic security application can be submitted online, the counseling takes place in an in-person interview. Chernhorsky-Grunberg notes that the first invitations were sent weeks ago to those people who officially met all the requirements to switch to basic security. In addition, bilingual working documents for online applications have been created. In addition, the home page has been completely revised and “Ukraine region” has been added. About 20 translators support staff in their work and during counseling sessions.

Supervision offers for work center employees

In the past few weeks, Employment Centers in Frankfurt have already identified more than 4,500 communities in need who meet the requirements to receive benefits. “We took precautions at an early stage to ensure a smooth transition of Ukrainian refugees to SGB II and work closely with immigration authorities, the Federal Office for Migration and Refugees, and the Office of Youth and Welfare,” says the managing director. According to Chernowitz Grunberg, they have already demonstrated during the Corona crisis that the employees of the Frankfurt duty station can handle peak loads.

Because in the past two years, when many industries have had to lay off their employees, thousands of needy new communities have been added to the system. But there is one difference from the Corona crisis: this time the employees of the employment centers are receiving offers of supervision. Because the stories and fates they encounter hundreds of times in personal consultations have a lasting effect.

The legal requirements for obtaining SGB II are categorical clarification of identity and associated storage of data in the Central Aliens Register as well as a so-called fictitious certificate. With the help of this official document, foreigners in Germany can prove that they have a temporary right of residence. Several dummy certificate issuance requests have already been submitted and processed, but not all have been issued.

There are some very simple reasons for that. Chernorsky-Grunberg points out that there were not enough pre-printed forms for fictional diplomas, especially in the early days. However, because without the official document, the whole process will stop and the rapid integration into the labor market may be prevented, and the staff of the work center has been able to access the Central Register of Foreigners since June to check the status of processing.

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