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Since its original release on June 2, 2015, ARK: Survival Evolved has become a staple in the survival genre and keeps player counts high to this day. After five paid free extensions and many more, developer Wildcard is now everything for the successor.

Ark 2 takes place after the events of the “Genesis: Part 2” DLC and is likely to take players to an unexplored Earth-like planet. The same planet that crashed on its surface is a clone of Santiago da Costa that Von Diesel played at the end of the expansion.

Everything else we know about the sequel to the Dino song has been put together for you in this article. Meanwhile, the predecessor is freely available on Steam. You can find out all about the free 1-week campaign here:

This is how you believe in surviving for free


Steam distributes astronomy:

This is how you believe in surviving for free

When will Ark 2 be released?

Ark 2 release date pushed back to 2023. This is confirmed by a new trailer that will debut at Xbox & Bethesda Showcase 2022. Like the first part, Ark 2 will initially launch in an early access version on Steam.

Will Ark 2 appear on Xbox Game Pass?

Yes, Microsoft and Wildcard have now announced that the sequel will also be available on Game Pass from day one. The unfinished version will run there under the title “Game Preview” and will be included in the corresponding category in the games catalog.

The new trailer also leaves no doubt that Vin Diesel is still involved in the project. In addition to his role as a clone of Santiago, he also holds the title of “Creative Affinity Head” at the development studio. According to Wildcard, the Hollywood star knows and loves Ark: Survival Evolved and has about 1,000 hours of gameplay.

Ark 2: The sequel to one of the biggest survival games of recent years comes in 2023


Ark 2: The sequel to one of the biggest survival games of recent years comes in 2023

Is this going to be a story game now?

While the developers use the power of Vin Diesel star to create a story about Santiago, his daughter Mica, false promises, betrayal, and plenty of dinosaurs, Ark 2 remains true to the roots of multiplayer survival at its core.

You will still be able to compete or cooperate with other players on official and unofficial servers, taming dinosaurs and constructing buildings. All of these aspects should be greatly improved and expanded.

For anyone who wants to be in the mood for the story, an animated series with 14 30-minute episodes will be released this year. In addition to Vin Diesel, other famous actors such as Gerard Butler and Russell Crowe have given their voices to the characters. You can get an impression of the series in the trailer:

Ark: The TV series built on survival success comes with a huge cast of stars


Ark: The TV series built on survival success comes with a huge cast of stars

What new features await survivors?

The list of new and improved game mechanics is long and includes a completely new combat feel, smarter dinosaurs, physics-based animations, and extensive mod support.

Third person perspective and parkour

Ark 2 will only be playable from a shoulder perspective at release. So you’ll be able to watch your character benefit from the vast new repertoire of moves. Now that includes Automatic diving over obstacles, free climbing on steep slopes, target sliding and swinging on ropes.

The developers are citing the parkour skills of the Assassins Creed heroes and climbing in Zelda: Breath of the Wild as inspiration for your character’s new mobility.

New faction: Aratai

In addition to dinosaurs and other players, you will also encounter a completely new faction: the Aratai. They were likely a clan NPC that would bring the revised human duels closer to those who weren’t competing with other people. But even on PvP servers, you shouldn’t make the environment any less dangerous.

Aratai also tamed their dinosaurs and used them in the battle against you. How exactly the confrontations with them will happen, we will probably only know when there is a concrete gameplay that we see.

Ark 2 – View screenshots from the sequel to the survival game

New combat system, animations and collisions

When dealing with other players and Aratai, it’s clear that Ark 2 is now based on Dark Souls games. The combat system of the future will focus heavily on dribbling, blocking, light and heavy combinations of attacks, and player response.

The fight against dinosaurs should also be more diverse, because their animations are not only more brutal, the animations associated with them are now also based on physics.

According to the developers, the bite and scratch animation will no longer pass through the characters, but will actually collide with them, causing them to swerve and causing reactions and injuries in the exact place where they were hit.

However, she shouldn’t be cut for realism and also want to hold back when it comes to blood. Accordingly, the goal is probably to be released from the age of 16.

Battles in Ark should be more dynamic.

Battles in Ark should be more dynamic.

Skill system with appropriate skill tree

In the first part, players can also level up, but then they only distribute some attribute points and unlock new crafting recipes. On the other hand, Ark 2 wants to offer a complete talent tree in which you can gradually draw your active and passive skills.

The introduction of such a system always involves equilibrium issues. Only time will tell how important the advantages of well-developed characters will be compared to the relatively new ones.

smart dinosaurs

Thanks to the new global system of events, the world should feel alive and alive. Dinosaurs must interact with their environment independently and independently of the players’ presence. These events are generated procedurally and depending on the situation.

Examples given include regular gatherings of dinosaurs when digging in the water, wounded creatures and predators that follow in their footsteps, panic among herds and herds, and mother animals taking themselves and their young into burrows.

In addition, players must be able to earn the creature’s trust when they free it from a difficult situation. This should make subsequent taming easier. Other (optional) events also have a hilarious use that can be elicited from the situation.

In addition, dinosaurs now use three of their senses: sight, hearing, and smell. Players can evade these things directly by camouflaging themselves, hiding their scent, and moving as quietly as possible. The developers announced it in a tweet, among other things:

#ARK2 has a new sensory-based creature AI! 🦖

“Animals now track and hunt by sight, sound, and smell! Hide from predators with visual camouflage and environmental obstructions, and learn to mask your scent!” 🦕

— ARK 2 News (@ARK2News) June 13, 2022

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Full modification support

In addition to the more stable servers, Wildcard promises extensive mod support, which also extends to unofficial servers – On both PC and Xbox. Users who have created mods can upload them to the cloud with the support of the platform and subsequently share them with the global Ark community.

Hobby repairers will be able to modify pretty much every aspect of the game, including dinosaurs, game modes, maps, weapons, items, and mechanics. Developers so contact Reintroduction of the first person perspective As a concrete example of what depositors are likely to do first with instruments.

Why mods are one of the best things that can happen to a game and why our colleague Ray is tearing a Teletubbie zombie to shreds as a Velociraptor in Left 4 Dead, she talks with Michael Graf and Human Nagafi on our additional podcast:

Mods are the best thing that can happen to PC games


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Mods are the best thing that can happen to PC games

What engine does the supplement use?

Thanks to Unreal Engine 5, survivors will be able to make their way through much more beautiful landscapes. We are talking about realistic lighting including changes in day and night, dynamic water and particle physics, thanks to smoke clouds, for example, interacting with physical interactions and local weather systems.

So instead of letting it rain all over the game world, players who are actually in the massive rain and storm clouds should get wet. Meanwhile, Insight should take advantage of Unreal Engine 5’s more efficient asset flow, which also includes player-built structures.

How was your experience with Ark: Survival Evolved and are you already looking forward to the sequel? Tell us about your experiences in the comments!

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