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Covert operations are tough business. Crime scene NDR “Schattenleben” Now about this at the beginning. The documentary In the Inner Circle provides an exciting insight into this landscape of NDR.

The episode with detectives Julia Grosz (Franziska Weisz) and Commissioner Falke (Wotan Wilke Möhring) is now on the first and can be found in the ARD media center for six months.

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On June 12, the crime scene will be shown with Francesca Weiss and Wattan Wilk Moring in the first. The episode will then be in the ARD media library for six months. external

“Schattenleben”: secret investigations into the crime scene of NDR

Nana (Gina Haller, L.), Mike (Jana Julia Roth, center) and Julia (Franzisca Wise, Jm.) watching something from the car - scene from the crime scene

Nana (Gina Haller, left), Mike (Jana Julia Roth, center) and Julia (Franzisca Wise, right) are looking for Ela.

How far can the undercover cops go? The law states that they are not allowed to commit any criminal offences. However, in order to maintain credibility, it is not always possible to clearly define this. Detective Julia Grosz is the focus of shadow life at the crime scene. Her friend Ella (Elisabeth Hoffman) contacts her after a long time: “I got into something, I need help.”

Ela is smuggled into the left-wing independent scene in Hamburg as an undercover investigator. After asking for help, she disappears without a trace. So Grosz goes on the hunt. Under a false identity, she finds a place to stay in an independent left-wing apartment in Ella. A deceptive mission, because Grosz threatens to pop up at any moment.

Inspector Falk investigates an arson case

Commissioner Valcke (Wotan Wilke Möhring, left) and Fellow Okonjo (Jonathan Kwesi Aikins) at

Inspector Falk (and Tan Welk Moring, left) and his colleague Okonjo (Jonathan Kwesi Aikins) investigate an arson.

Falk supports Grosz – while at the same time investigating an arson, which at first appears to be part of a series of politically motivated violence. But when the boundaries become increasingly blurred for Grosz and Falke encountering questionable insider police information, they both falter. Only when the two investigators come together can the person responsible for the arson attack, also implicated in Ella’s disappearance – be identified – much closer to her than initially thought.

“In the Inner Circle”: Real Cases of Undercover Investigators in Hamburg

What can provide good suspense in fiction is also very exciting in real life – but it leaves wounds. Just as with the Heidelberg student Jasper. Like his friend Janes, he was spied on by police officer Simon B. “We were students protesting their democratic right to participate and their right to protest, which is a right guaranteed by the constitution, and why should we be monitored? Everything we do is public.”

The documentary “The Inner Circle” highlights the true cases of four undercover investigators in Hamburg and Heidelberg. Iris P., codenamed Iris Schneider, spied the left scene around the Rote Flora in Hamburg for years. He has repeatedly exceeded the limits of the secret police. She entered into an intimate relationship and advocated violence. However, the legal status of undercover investigators is clearly defined. You may not incite crimes.

The documentary “In the Inner Circle” is more exciting than the thriller

The documentation makes it clear: in fact, the boundaries are blurred. Even if former attorney general Kai Ghemer tried to define him. The four examples from reality show how little control is possible. The crime scene “Schattenleben” also shows how quickly it is no longer possible to reach it. Fantasy is the classic crime TV. However, the documents overshadow the tension. Because “In the Inner Circle” provides a look at the scene and the work of the undercover detectives and is told in a very interesting way.

Shadow Lives and Subsequent Documentary: Broadcast Dates

shadow life
Sunday June 12 8:15 PM
Sunday June 12 9:45 PM | One
Monday, June 13 03:00 | One
Tuesday June 14 12:40 AM | the first
3 months after broadcast in ARD media library

inner circle:
Sunday 12th June at 11:15pm on NDR . TV
After broadcasting in ARD media library

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