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With Mathieu Raab, FCK’s number one goalkeeper from last season has left the club. Could his predecessor now become his successor – or does an old acquaintance return to Pittsburgh?

One thing is certain: 1. Kaiserslautern enters the upcoming second division season with a new number one. Mathieu Raab, the regular goalkeeper in the promotion season that has just ended, has left the club for Hamburg. Now the question arises about who will stand among the positions of the Red Devils in the second German League. A guard that has already proven to be a solid support for the FCK can return to focus.

We are talking about Avdo Spahic. In the 2020/2021 season, he was still number one in 1. FC Kaiserslautern and played in 35 of 38 matches in the third division with Lautrer. In this season, which nearly ended with the collapse of the regional league, Spahic has been one of Betzenberg’s top performers. It was deservedly so that FCK made it perfect in the final race of the season.

Matthew Raab pushes Avdo Spahic out of FCK

Despite a mostly good performance by Spahic, there was another goalkeeper in FCK’s goal on day one of the 2021/2022 season: Matheo Raab. After the summer preparations, coach Marco Antwerpen decided to choose Raab, who was almost two years his junior, as number one for the new season. Spahic became his backup – and has remained so all season. Raab was impressed by the strong performance and kept 16 clean sheets.

But when Spahic was needed, he delivered it. The Bosnian has been against FCK in three league matches and has not conceded any goal in all three matches. This did not escape the eyes of officials in Kaiserslautern either. “Avdo is the goalkeeper for Rheinpfalz, a lot of people forget that,” said Thomas Heingen, managing director of Rheinpfalz.

A new opportunity for Avdo Spahic in the second German League?

Now Matthew Raab is gone, and Marco Antwerpen is gone, too. The space between columns in FCK is again empty. And Avdo Spahic’s contract is still in effect until the summer of 2023. When looking for a new number one, FCK could find what they were looking for in their ranks.

The fact that FCK knows the qualities of Avdo Spahic speaks to an inside solution in the search for a new number one. Strong on-line feedback characterizes his game, the 25-year-old is someone who can also keep some “unstoppable” games. Rather, he says against him that Spahic is not considered a “modern goalkeeper”. Running out or playing with his feet are not among his trademarks. In addition, coach Dirk Schuster will ask himself if he thinks the goalkeeper is capable of playing the first round in the second division who, firstly, has not played there yet, and secondly, he had little match training last season.

External solution can increase competition

In the question of the goalkeeper, an external solution is also possible. But the sporting and financial conditions must be suitable for this. Thomas Hengen recently said on the SWR Sport podcast “Nur der FCK”: “We’re a rookie team, a second-tier team. We’re going to do the devil and throw money now. We’re there to stay serious and economic with the resources to deal with it.” However, it is also clear that hiring a goalkeeper with regular ambitions can increase competition in the team and thus may improve quality.

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But who will qualify? Is it possible to imagine the campaign for the return of Lennart Grill from Leverkusen? What are the rumors about Tobias Seibel, who has signed with Borussia Mönchengladbach since 2015 and can imagine returning home? Hengen’s managing director does not like to engage in speculation and wild mind games. “In general, I don’t comment on names,” Hengen said in “Rheinpfalz.” “You can always dream and wish, whether or not that becomes a reality is another matter.”

Sippel can imagine returning to FCK

Sippel himself was more specific: “The heart definitely says yes. That would be a huge story and I could finish something that was interrupted. I’ve always said I wanted to come back,” said the 34-year-old for Sport 1. “But the clubs should get in touch first. “There is still a bit of a conversation to take place. But things can happen quickly also in football. The second division starts in mid-July.”

It is not yet clear if there will be a new goalkeeper on the field at the start of training for 1. FC Kaiserslautern, or if two familiar faces will be among Avdo Spahic and Lorenz Otto’s roster. At most on the weekend of 15. -17. July will then show which team FCK will start the new round with. Then the new season will start in the second German Bundesliga.

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