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One by one Hansi Flick players rushed towards the exit of the Puskas Arena in the late evening.

Timo Werner had no luck again, Serge Gnabry was injured and Leroy Sane became a mystery – the former national football team’s “bike” storm was a good condition for the workshop five months before the World Cup in Qatar. And after the thrilling 1-1 draw in Budapest against Hungary, Sane received a very clear announcement by the standards of the German Football Association.

Mysterious Leroy

“Ultimately you have to fight your way out as a player,” DFB director Oliver Bierhoff said in a calm voice when Sane was long gone. “The national coach is very communicative, very constructive, always trying to win more players,” added the former European champion: “But at some point, you have to say, that’s it now, and the player has to get out of it. Made.” Phew!

National coach Flick has repeatedly spoken forcefully with the 26-year-old Bayern Munich player – like all his players. At the start of the Nations League on June 4 in Italy (1:1), Sane was allowed to play from the start, but had an almost constant disappointment – a little less than an hour later it was over. Against England three days later (1-1), the winger came shortly before the final whistle. There was nothing to be seen from the difference that the player hailed as such. At the start of the training sessions at Herzogenaurach the past few days, Sane always seemed oddly unmotivated. He has yet to score a goal for Al-Ittihad in 2022.

“With Leroy, you shouldn’t overinterpret your body language,” Bierhoff said. “That’s his way. But of course that’s important, and he knows that despite this body language, he just has to perform normally.” The situation is not easy for Sani, who was rarely convincing at Bayern last year. We help him, but of course he has to help himself,” Bierhoff said.

unhappy Timo

Werner got Flick back in the evening when the national coach – when asked about the striker – avoided individual criticism as usual. “I would like to let it pass with the fact that we completely lack the conviction of the team,” Flick said. Only seven attempts by the whole team, one of which is directly towards goal – there are matches in which only the striker has at least this stat. Not Werner at the moment. After difficult months at Chelsea, the hoped-for release for the 26-year-old in the oasis of luxury with the German Football Association has yet to materialize.

“It’s true he has a lot of effort and he’s trying to put pressure on the opponent,” said Flick, who frequently praised Werner’s running paths. “To always present oneself. But we don’t have enough chances to score.”

Bierhoff, top scorer of the 1996 European Championship, spoke in principle about the fundamental problem that has long been known. “We have dangerous players, but of course we no longer have the classic striker that all of Europe sees and is looking for,” said the director of the German Football Association, referring to Robert Lewandowski of Bavaria and Norwegian Erling Haaland. Borussia until the end of the month is subject to a contract with Dortmund. “We don’t have that,” Bierhoff said. This must be compensated “with more football mix and the strength and speed of our players”.

injured serge

This profile fully applies to Gnabry. On good days, Sané’s teammate can create game-changing scenes with record-breaking champions with his speed and technique. 20 goals in 33 caps is still an impressive stat on paper – but Gnabry was overwhelmed by the defense against Italy. Like Werner, he has only been allowed to play against England for the past half hour. Calf problems meant he could only sit in the stands in Hungary.

It is doubtful whether the so-called ‘motorcycle’ defender Niklas Sule will be able to try together this Tuesday (8.45pm/ZDF) against Italy in Mönchengladbach from nearly four years ago. Not just because of Gnabry’s calf problems.

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