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Have you discovered a menstrual cup for yourself and would like to know what sizes of menstrual cups are available and which one is right for you? We will tell you!

Everyone should go through it once a month: period. Instead of sanitary pads and tampons, you choose to use a menstrual cup. It should carry you for a long time and is perfect for everyday use or for sports.

You don’t have to fear a bloody surprise in your panties – provided you use the right size.

You can find out which menstrual cup is right for you and what you need to look for.

I already told you a lot about my experience with the menstrual cup in my blog post.

You will find in this post

What is the size of the menstrual cup?

Men’s cups come in different sizes. These range from S to XL. Whether your menstrual cup is big enough depends on many factors, such as how heavy your period is, where your mother’s milk is, how tight your pelvic floor is, and whether you actually have a baby.

How heavy is your menstrual cycle?

First of all, it is important to know how much you bleed during your period. It can be few or many.

If your period is light, you probably use thin, small, or regular tampons and pads. You change it several times a day. A smaller cup is enough.

If your period is heavy and you use super or super tampons as well as thick pads and change them several times a day, you should use a larger cup, otherwise a smaller cup will fill up quickly.

However, the amount of bleeding is not the deciding factor in choosing your menstrual cup size. Because you can simply empty the cup more often.

The following points are much more important.

Where is your cervix?

The cervix can be in different positions. Depending on the woman or the menstrual cycle and depending on the day, this situation can change. It’s best to note the position of your cervix on the last day of your period or shortly thereafter. These days it sits deeper.

You can feel the position of the cervix with your finger. To do this, wash your hands well and insert your finger into the vagina. The cervix is ​​located at the top of the vagina. More on the front side. You will feel a smooth round circle with a hole in the middle.

If your longest finger is completely inside the vagina without feeling the cervix, this means that the cervix is ​​too high. If you feel your cervix before your finger fully enters your vagina, it means that your cervix is ​​low.

Why you should know your cervix

The position of the cervix determines how long your menstrual cup should be.

So now you know which size is right for you, we have a guide for you that will help you find the right size for your cycle and cervical position.

period strength cervical position Menstrual cup size
easy high Center
easy deep young
strong high Center
strong deep medium as well as small

In the latter case, if you decide to use a small cup, you will have to empty it often. If you choose a medium-sized cup, more blood will be collected and you will have to empty it less often. However, you may have to shorten the leg a bit.

In this example, a menstrual cup that is 65 mm high and 40 mm wide is a small cup. The middle menstrual cup is 68mm high and 45mm wide.

How well do you train your pelvic floor muscles?

The strength of your pelvic floor muscles plays an important role in finding the right cup size. The pelvic floor muscles hold the menstrual cup in place.

If your pelvic floor is well trained, a small cup will hold up well. If your pelvic floor is a bit weak, a small cup may not hold up well.

In this case, it is better to choose a cup with a diameter larger than the sizes of a menstrual cup. If you use a cup that is too narrow, it may happen that blood gets through.

The same applies to a menstrual cup that is too wide, as it can dent.

You can tell if your pelvic floor has been trained by noticing if you keep a few drops of urine in your pants when you sneeze or jump, for example, or if you urgently need to go to the toilet afterward.

Or trying to stop urinating while urinating. can you do it

Have you already been born?

Even after giving birth, your pelvic floor may not be as strong as it was before and the position of your cervix may have changed.

Therefore, you may need a larger cup after giving birth.

attention: Every woman is different. That’s why the best way to find the right mug is to try it on.

If you’re still not sure what type of menstrual cup to use: I chose the Lunett Menstrual Cup and am very happy with it. It is very dense and holds well and cannot be felt.

If you are still not sure, you can read many good reviews on Amazon.

Can a menstrual cup be too big?

When it comes to the menstrual cup, it all depends on the right size. With menstrual cup sizes varying, it’s often not easy to find the right kind.

In fact, a cup that is too small or too large may be a problem.

A menstrual cup that is too large cannot open completely, allowing blood to pass through. In addition, a menstrual cup that is too large can cause pressure or pain.

Cups that are too small also do not seal properly. They can also twist and slide downward, making removal difficult.

What is the size of the menstrual cup?

How do you enter the tournament cup correctly?

There are different folding techniques for inserting the menstrual cup. These methods not only make insertion easier for you, but also ensure that the cup fits correctly.

Seven folds, and S and C are the most commonly used techniques.

7 times

Hold the menstrual cup firmly with your index finger and thumb and flatten the tip.

Fold one end of the edge down 90 degrees. Hold the cup between your index finger and thumb, then insert the cup.


Hold the cup with your index finger and thumb, then press the rim flat. Fold the edge inward, making an S shape with your left finger and right thumb.

Again, hold the cup with your index finger and thumb and insert it.

C fold

Hold the menstrual cup with your index finger and thumb and flatten the tip.

Using your index finger and thumb, pinch the two ends of the rim together to form a C-shape. Again, hold the cup between your index and thumb fingers and insert the cup.

How deep is the menstrual cup insertion?

The menstrual cup should be inserted so that it closes with the cervix or catches blood below the cervix.

You can tell if the cup is sitting properly when it returns to its original shape with a short crackle and creates a slight negative pressure in the vagina.

Don’t worry, you will feel it over time.

You can also test with your finger on the vaginal wall whether the cup has pulled out a vacuum and can be moved.

Fold the menstrual cups

What do I do if the menstrual cup is not suitable?

Have you found the right size for a menstrual cup, but somehow the cup just doesn’t fit you properly? If the cup is not seated correctly, blood may continue to flow through it and leak out of the vagina.

If it doesn’t open, it might just need some quick tweaks:

  • Grab the cup from the bottom and twist it slightly. Once it is in the correct position, it will pop up on its own.
  • Make a circle around the cup with your finger. This will help her find the correct alignment.
  • Make sure the cup is positioned correctly and not inserted too deep or too far.

If nothing works, remove the cup and put it back in again. Maybe another folding method will help you?

How long can I wear a menstrual cup?

One of the main benefits of a menstrual cup is that it can be worn for long periods of time.

But how long can you really wear it?

A menstrual cup can stay in your body for up to 8 hours because the cup absorbs more blood than other menstrual products.

On average, you lose 30-70 milliliters of blood during your period. On the other hand, a menstrual cup can hold 15-35 milliliters of blood. Therefore, most women only need to change it two to three times a day.

However, you should not wear the cup for more than 8 hours. Bacteria can grow on it, increasing the risk of infection. So it should be changed after this time, with more accuracy emptying it.

Your menstrual cup may be leaking for a number of reasons:

  • The cup is very large.
  • The menstrual cup is too small.
  • It did not open properly.
  • I pushed them past the cervix.

If you already have the right size, try different folding techniques. And take your time! One day it will stop working and you will be quick to enter.

Our conclusion

Before you buy a menstrual cup, you should definitely get an overview of the different menstrual cup sizes. They were available from S-XL. Only if you choose the right size for you can you be sure that there is no blood in your underwear.

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