Formula 1: The Dream of Dreams brings Claire first

“This round felt really good. I didn’t expect it because I had a better rating for Red Bull. Surprised at his best time (1:41.359), Leclerc said, “But on the last lap everything was fine for me, I drove really well there. Monegasque does not underestimate the fight against the “bulls” and draws attention to the tyres. “Tires are an important racing issue. “It’s going to be so much fun,” Leclerc said.

But not only tires will play an important role. The narrow track sometimes showed its flaws in the practice sessions and in the qualifying itself. Perez even had to say goodbye to setting off after a “kiss” on the wall. “In the third quarter, of course, you want to make the most of it. That was too much, and I also kissed the wall. I lost a few tenths there, but Charles (Leclerc, note) led a great lap,” said the Mexican, who was in good shape and wrecked . “In the race, we want to be there when it matters most,” Perez continued.

Leclerc takes first place in Baku

Ferrari driver Charles Leclerc takes center stage in Baku during qualifying for the Azerbaijan Grand Prix. Red Bull driver Sergio Perez landed behind him.

The starting point for an exciting Sunday

In any case, the starting position promises an exciting one, unlike what was the case two weeks ago in Monaco, the overtaking maneuvers are much easier. “From the sector times, first place was possible. But that doesn’t matter. We know we can overtake and we know our race speed,” said Red Bull advisor Helmut Marko.

Tire management can also be a determining factor in racing. It will depend on who handles the tires better, Marko said, “We’re better at top speed,” Red Bull is the fastest racing car. And both drivers can fight for victory. “They have the same materials and the same requirements. I hope the best wins,” said Marko and praised Perez, who was faster than Verstappen in qualifying for the second time in a row and won in Baku last year: “The Mexican is on fire.”

Baku is famous for its obstacles

Races on the Baku city circuit are also “burning”. In the five races that have been held there since 2016, there has always been a safety car, a virtual safety car or even a race interruption, with the exception of the first year itself. In the previous year alone there were four red flags. Qualifying, which was postponed by 15 minutes after a crash in the F2 race and the resulting delay in third practice, already provided a preview of what could be an exciting Grand Prix on Sunday.

In addition to the various trips, Aston Martin driver Lance Stroll braked poorly four minutes before the end of Q1, failed to reach the exit or corner and landed with the front of his car in the barrier. The Canadian had passed the potholes first without any visible damage, but lost the car again in the second turn without getting a firm grip on the flat-brakes, touching the wall and ripping the wing off the car. Surprisingly only interrupted the session.

Azerbaijan Grand Prix

Final result after the third quarter:
1. Charles Leclerc MON Ferrari 1:41,359
2. Sergio Perez Mexico red bull 1: 41,641
3. Max Verstappen need to red bull 1: 41.706
4. Carlos Sainz ESP Ferrari 1: 41814
5. George Russell GBR mercedes 1: 42712
6. Pierre Gasly FR Alpha Tour 1: 42845
7. Lewis Hamilton GBR mercedes 1: 42924
VIII. Yuki Tsunoda JPN Alpha Tour 1:43.056
9. Sebastian Vettel M Aston Martin 1:43,091
10 Fernando Alonso ESP Alps 1:43173
Exit in Q2:
11. Lando Norris GBR McLaren 1:43398
12. Daniel Ricciardo Outside McLaren 1: 43574
13. Esteban Ocon FR Alps 1: 43585
14 Zhou Guanyu CHN Alfa Romeo 1: 43790
15th Valtteri Bottas FIN Alfa Romeo 1:44444
Exit in Q1:
16 Kevin Magosin The Hass 1: 44643
17 Alexander Albon Tha Williams 1: 44719
18 Nicholas Latifi Can Williams 1:45,367
19 Lance’s Outing Can Aston Martin 1: 45.371
20 Mike Schumacher M Hass 1:45775

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