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Budapest (AFP) – Hansi Flick did not sway. I’ve got to work. After his clear warning to back off, the national coach asked for training, an active recovery and, above all, plenty of critical analysis on a sunny Sunday in Budapest.

At the end of his first season as head coach of the FA, Flick, the all-time winner, runs the risk of becoming a winless Hansi. Momentum finally turned with the 1-1 draw in Hungary, the fourth in a row. Worse, the big World Cup goals appear to be a pipe dream five months before the tournament kicks off in Qatar.

Against Italy on Tuesday (8.45pm / ZDF) in Mönchengladbach, it is about the general mood of the national football team. Dolce Vita in the summer vacation or doubt and doubt? It is no coincidence that Manuel Neuer wants to “ignite a rocket” in the second Nations League duel with the European champion in ten days.

Only new world class

Only the captain and goalkeeper currently meets the German world-class claim. On a joint evening for the team in a restaurant in Budapest, Neuer had to swear to his colleagues about the next tasks.

“In terms of the result and the way we handled the match, it was a step back for us,” Flick said. bubble! The words were clear but also appropriate. More disturbing than the result was the DFB’s lax playing style against a middle-class opponent in football who was limited to running and fighting.

Flick relentlessly criticized “We built our capabilities without conviction, we were too slow to build the game. We made it relatively easy for the opponent to be squeezed.” but why? Was it just the lamentable fatigue at the end of the season that wiped out the agility of the likes of Joshua Kimmich, Leon Goretzka and Kai Havertz? Or is there still a fundamental lack of class and consistency? Flick did not want to commit himself in public.

appease Bierhoff

In the well-known game between good and bad cops, the roles between director Flick and DFB Oliver Bierhoff were clearly divided. Flick warned and demanded, Bierhoff appeased. “In the end, I see everything positively. We didn’t lose a match. We planned to do more, but of course we have to take the next step against Italy at home,” said the rather kind Bierhoff.

Already a threat to the World Cup? number! Bierhoff says. “Regardless of the results, we know of course that we still have time to work again in September and then the right pressure – no matter which way we go – will increase in Qatar,” said the German Football Association director.

Flick found negative points in all parts of the team except for the sacred noir. “This is usually the case when the goalkeeper is outstanding, something is wrong with the match,” said the national coach. The defense lacked stability without coach Antonio Rudiger. “Of course you have to say we’ve already allowed one of them to get on the defensive, and that simply shouldn’t be the case,” Flick complained.

Contentment lacks

The attack, in which Timo Werner as a lone cowboy performed beyond expectations, lacked dynamism and determination. It was clear that “there was a complete lack of conviction in the team,” Flick handed out a collective reprimand. As a former top striker, Bierhoff sympathized with the fans. “Every fan turns gray if they don’t take a chance.” However, Flick said very few opportunities were created this time around.

As in the 1-1 win over Italy, this time Jonas Hoffmann (9 minutes) quickly equalized the score after falling behind by Zolt Nagy (6). In the summer leading up to the World Cup, there’s a lot going on at Flick’s team. The trio of Werner, Leroy Sané and Serge Gnabry, once celebrated as motorcycle storm troopers, take their crunch break, and in Sané’s case, also have to fight for Qatar’s share. We help him, but of course he has to help himself,” Bierhoff said. In Hoffmann and Jamal Musiala, two contenders for the wings emerged.

Goal: go on vacation with victory

Flick left no doubt that reparations should be made against Italy. “It won’t be easy either. But we still expect the team to put everything into it and then go on vacation with a win,” said the national coach. He knows exactly how fast football is progressing, and the atmosphere can change to something positive again.

The win could be the first place in Group C of League A, something Flick certainly wants to achieve in the closing statement in September due to the valuable sporting participation in the final in the transitional year 2023. However, in the event of a defeat to Squadra Azzurra, there is a risk of a holiday Summer in the relegation rank in the Nations League. Flick-Start’s eight-win streak is already just a vague memory.

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