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British Carol Unger presents her autobiography of W.G. Sebald in Sonthofen. It is the author’s first book from Allgäu and offers new insights.

The first encounter has a lasting effect: “It’s a really cool thing,” Carol Unger said when she read the collection of stories “Die Ausgewanderten” written by W. J. Sebald in 1996. The Englishman acted by choice, who died in 1944 virtash He was born and died in Norfolk, England in 2001, and had just appeared in the UK at the time. The 78-year-old says that one of the newspapers that wrote her reviews sent her work. She did not know the author at the time and began the investigation.

The Briton recently published WG Sebald’s first autobiography. In English: “Speak. Silence: In Search of WG Sebald.” The book will be released in German in the fall under the title “WG Sebald – After the Silence.” In advance, Carol Unger has now taken the line”sunthoven Discover history” at Sonthofer Haus Oberallgaeu With literary researcher Dr. Sonthofer. Kay Wolfinger spoke about the writer W.

charming man

I got to know WG Sebald personally, says Carol Ungier. And after her interest in the author was aroused by reading “Immigrants”, she gave an interview to him on behalf of another newspaper. I went to Norwich where he taught at the University of East Anglia. She remembered that he was very tall and very handsome. He seemed to her like a typical German man, although he was dressed in English. He was very charming, and very funny. “We laughed a lot” but the humor was grim. Carol Angier says she was also impressed by his amazing voice. The result was, “I believed every word.”

Storytelling too

Only through her research did she discover that although he had given her honest information about his family at the time, he had also “told her imaginary things” about his business. He entrusted her with details that research proved “unrealistic”. In his works, primarily devoted to traumatized and displaced persons and the consequences of the Nazi dictatorship, Spald always tries to be close to documentation. For example, he provided the title character model for his first story in The Emigrants, Dr. Henry Selwyn, as a Jewish refugee, was, in fact, the model an English gentleman. The first Jew Sebald met in person was the property’s owner in Manchester, who fled Munich to escape the Nazis, says Carol Unger.

Playing with imagination and reality

WG Sebald does not want to be seen in his business. Carol Unger suspects that he wants readers to believe that the characters in his short stories and novels are all real. Sebald always plays with fantasy and reality in his works. For example, the title character of the second story in “Immigrants,” Paul Pereter, is a combination of respected Sonthof teacher Achim Müller and revered philosopher Ludwig Wittgenstein, who also worked as an elementary school teacher for a while.

Three chapters have been written in Sonthofen

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Carol Ungier says she’s worked in autobiography for six years. Three chapters were written up in Sonthofen. Because Sebald’s childhood friend let her have her house three times, each time for a longer period of time. Working in the town where Spald grew up was “sheer luck”. Through extensive research by Carol Unger in geo The book delves deeply into the local history of Wertach and Sonthofen, with many contemporary witnesses having their say, Kay Wolfinger explains. Wertach is always associated with the memory of a beloved grandfather, who awakened a love of nature and literature in the sensitive WG Sebald, while Sonthofen is associated with the father, a soldier who did not question the Nazi era and to WG I soon a difficult relationship. From this division arises the contradiction in how Sebald sees and describes his homeland.

Exciting as excitement

Carol Angier, whose Jewish parents fled Vienna to England in 1938 to escape the National Socialists, was born in London in 1943, grew up in Canada and returned to Great Britain at the age of 21. Sebald’s biography has a narrative tone that is easy to understand, and Kay Wolfinger appreciates the work. Two samples read by Carol Unger in the original and Kai Wolfinger in the German translation by Andreas Werthenson illustrate what the author wants: to chronicle the life and work of W.G. Sebald as excitingly as a crime novel.

Personal Biography: Carol Unger: WG Sebald – After the Silence ‘Hanser-Literaturverlag’, price €38. Planned release date: October 24.

Carol Unger’s biography of WG Sebald will be published by Hanser-Verlag in the fall.

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