Election day in North Saxony, Delitzsch and Ellenburg – you need to know it

Delitzsch / Eilenburg.Sunday is election day. Not only does the North Saxony region administrator have to be elected, but there are also elections for mayor and mayor. Here are facts and figures about the elections:

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Must choose Delitzsch for the second time

Approximately 21,000 eligible voters in Delitzsch They have now been called to the polls for the second time in a short period of time. Since there is not enough absolute majority for one of the four mayoral candidates in the first ballot two weeks ago, the by-election will be on Sunday.

All four candidates remain in the race. In the second ballot, whoever gets the largest whole number of votes, i.e., the relative majority, is elected. If there is a tie on Sunday, the lottery is decided. The incumbent (Independent) Manfred Wilde is now expected to be confirmed – he got the most votes in the first ballot with 46.9 percent, but it was not enough for the required absolute majority.

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Ellenburg has two candidates

also in Eilenberg It comes down to the top position in the city: those eligible to vote can choose between incumbent Ralph Schiller (independent) and competitor Matthias Teuber (SPD). Moldstadt has nine polling stations for about 13,000 voters. Each of them is equipped with seven people. In addition, three drivers and three records inspectors are on duty in the evening. Due to the large number of postal voters and in order to get a faster final result, there are also two postal voting panels.

Since mayor votes are also counted first in Eilenburg, by 8 p.m. it may be clear who will be responsible for Eilenburg’s fortunes in the future. Only in the event that both applicants do not receive the exact same number of votes, will the residents of Ellenberg be called again on July 3 for municipal elections.

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5,000 eligible voters in Rakowitz

In the community Rakowitz On Sunday, 4,297 voters were called to cast their ballots for the mayor and district administrator. The three polling stations are located in the elementary school, in the children’s home in Rakowitz, and in the citizens’ meeting place in the former Zchortau town hall.

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There are two candidates for election: incumbent Stephen Schwalbe (independent) is running for a second term. He was challenged by Konstantin Preisler (Social Democratic Party). The result of the provisional count can be expected around 7pm, and postal votes are expected to be counted by 7:30pm.

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in Jeswitz Approximately 2,500 eligible voters are required to elect an honorary mayor as well as a district administrator. But they have no choice. With Ralph Tauschnitz (Independent), who was just below the maximum candidate age of 65 at the time of the election, there is only one candidate on the slate. So the question of how many citizens confirm this is very interesting. It was the same in the previous elections in 2015. With a 39 percent turnout, he achieved 819 valid votes in that time. There were also 122 invalid votes. Only a candidate is considered elected if he or she receives more than half of the valid votes cast.

There are five polling stations and one postal polling station in Jesewitz. Polling stations operate in two shifts, each with three personnel.

Provincial elections also in all other municipalities

In the province of North Saxony, a new district administrator will be elected on Sunday. The incumbent will face Kai Emmanuel (54, independent) from Deletsch, Torsten Puetzsch (46, SPD) from Eilenburg and Uta Hesse (35, Free Saxony) from Muglen. For Emmanuel, structural change, services of public interest, and mobility are important issues he wants to address. For Pötzsch, they are the “gray points” in broadband expansion and “white points” in mobile communications, as well as the shortage of skilled workers. Emmanuel and Butch were active in local politics for many years, while Hessen was not. She has only been politically active since the Corona protests. Nationally, the Free Saxony Party is being monitored by the Office for the Protection of the Constitution as a suspected case. According to her statements, she sees the elections as an “opportunity to settle scores” with the current government and the political system.

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In Schönwölkau, among other places, one can see that securing elections is not easy. Here the district council elections are secured. On Thursday, the municipality had to ask the municipal council at short notice to have spontaneous electoral workers among the deputies, since there were cases of illness among the original members. There were three council members who could have intervened spontaneously on Sunday – otherwise, at worst, polling stations would have to remain closed.

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