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The NBA Finals evolve more and more in the anticipated battle between two heavyweight teams for the championship. The Golden State Warriors are tied again, everything is open again.


Pain in his left leg couldn’t stop Stephen Curry on his way to his gala winning the important finals for the Golden State Warriors.

The NBA star scored 43 points in 107:97 against the Boston Celtics, in the now difficult series 2:2 instead of 3:1 for the Celtics before Game Five on Tuesday morning (3:00 a.m. CET) — and it all came back open in a championship scrimmage. The best basketball league in the world.

“There’s been a lot of talk over the past 48 hours about how we’re going to get back on this show,” Curry, still panting, said at TD Garden in a deafening voice in Boston minutes ago. “It’s crazy but I think we can play a little better.” He also emphasized the importance of success with a short distance at the press conference: “It means everything if you recognize the urgency to keep us alive in this series and get some momentum on our side.”

Injury doesn’t stop Carrie

Ever since Celtics pro’s Al Horford fell to Curry’s left leg two days ago, Warriors fans have been anxiously awaiting how bad the pain will affect their best player. Apparently: not at all. “It never seemed to be a factor,” Warriors coach Steve Kerr noted.

Curry was in the game straight away and with twelve points he helped turn an early deficit into an advance before the end of the first quarter. The lead changed back and forth a total of eleven times—the fact that he ended up staying with the Warriors was due in large part to Curry’s late throws and his 43-point lead. Ten rebounds were great too. Other NBA stars have tweeted their appreciation for the performance, including LeBron James and Joel Embiid. Carrie exclaimed himself as openly as rarely. “Steve doesn’t usually show much emotion,” Kerr said.

“This guy’s heart is incredible. He just went there and took us on the shoulders,” praised Curry’s teammate Clay Thompson, rating the performance as the best Curry had seen in a playoff: “It was amazing.” Seven of Curry’s three shots entered and, as in the previous three games, he’s been successful at least five times from distance—which has never happened in an NBA Finals series.

There are no minutes for Theis

The Celtics convinced the team, as they did at home two days ago, defending disciplined Warriors over and over again. But poor attempts out of three in the final quarter cost them the lead and the win. Jason Tatum was the most successful Celtics professional on the field with 23 points. Unlike the first two games of the series finale, NBA player Daniel Theiss was never used again.

With 17 titles, the Celtics have far more than the Warriors, who are hoping to win their seventh championship. However, between 2015 and 2019, Team San Francisco was in the finals and won three championships – the last team experience, with the likes of Thompson, Draymond Green and Curry one of the Warriors’ trump cards in this final. “This is my sixth time here,” said Carey. On the other hand, in the Celtics, this is the first series of Finals for everyone. (dpa)

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