ProSieben will not display any popular initial offers in the future

Anyone who wants to watch blockbuster Hollywood movies on line TV usually does so on ProSieben. However, this will only be possible in the future to a much lesser degree. The broadcaster would like to change the prime time layout.

ProSieben is actually notorious for having never missed the TV premiere of an American blockbuster. Whether it’s “Fantastic Animal Beings”, “Avengers” or the new Tarantino movie – on German Linear TV, all of these films were first seen on ProSieben. Prime time 8:15pm on Sunday evening was often reserved for such blockbuster premieres. However, this is about to change.

No more blockbuster movies at ProSieben?

Sunday is one of the most important days in watching TV, and prime time is so named because that’s exactly what it is – the best time for movies, shows, and series. It is no wonder that the German television company “Taratort” has been operating in this slot for decades in the first place. But as ProSieben President Daniel Rosemann revealed in an interview with DWDL, the broadcaster wants to change its position at this important time period.

“We part with the blockbuster Sunday night on ProSieben,” says Roseman in no uncertain terms. “ProSieben does not do without Hollywood. American licensing will always have an important role in our networks. But on another peak evening of the week, we have and want to do without feature films.” Hollywood content will not completely disappear from the station, but will be shown in lower quality in the future. . But why did the announcer decide to take this step?

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ProSieben wants a new program on Sunday evening

In the future, in-house productions will replace big Hollywood productions. Perhaps these are primarily TV shows.

“We want to extend the weekend in the new show. It’s about formulas that like to be a window into the world and serve the desire for adventure and escape from reality with fun and games. A great experience with travel celebrities that I can witness from the comfort of my home.”

Daniel Rosman, DWDL

A total of 52 Sundays per year are available for this. In June, ProSieben wants to introduce new formats planned for this concept. But according to Rosemann, fiction should not play a major role, not even from Germany. “Spreading out in one series or movie from time to time – that’s not a strategy. We have to be convinced that we can build a fantasy spread in the show using different fabrics. We’re a bit far from that at the moment.”

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Perhaps ProSieben is planning to push and place its own formats, such as the “Who Steals the Show?” show. more prominently, and to supplement it with other similar concepts. But why did the announcer decide to take this step?

These are the reasons for the change

In general, the big titles no longer bring the good numbers they used to. In addition, the Corona pandemic has significantly limited supplies from Hollywood. Since most films are shown on television about two years after they open in cinemas, this influence has changed somewhat, but is now a particularly strong one. “In the near future there won’t be any new movies that will please us,” says Roseman.

The broadcaster chief also mentions competition from streaming services like Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, Disney + and Co. Big Hollywood productions in particular often appear on broadcast platforms before their first television show. A large part of the target group does not have to wait for line TV to watch these productions. If you stay with Marvel’s “Avengers” example: the studio is now owned by Disney, so Disney+ logically has access to new titles in the series before anyone else.

Incidentally, not only ProSieben was affected, the density of US blockbuster primetime films also dropped significantly on RTL+. It is not yet known when the final switch to this new concept will occur, nor to what extent the change could affect Joyn’s streaming service.


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