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Stephen Curry, stunned, extended his arms to the side and moaned loudly to the judges. The word “foul” was clearly read from his lips. Curry’s blast came late in the third quarter, as the Golden State Warriors tied the game against the Boston Celtics 73-73. As his three-point shot landed in the basket, Curry himself landed hard on the ground. His opponent shoved him in the back while trying to throw, causing him to desperately demand an additional free throw. There was no whistle from the rulers.

It was one of Curry’s few moments of frustration in this fourth game of the NBA Finals series. The fact that he put the ball in the pocket despite touching the ball says a lot about the quality of the sniper. With 43 points, Curry was again the standout player on his side, who eventually won the game in Boston with 107:97.

Equal streak: Stephen Curry (centre) scored 43 points against the Celtics and almost single-handedly sealed the match.

(Photo: Kyle Terada/The Associated Press)

The end result is more apparent than the course of the game was in fact on long runs – the back and forth progression changed only 11 times. Only on the field did the Golden State Warriors split up; On the one hand, this was due to the fact that the Celtics eventually lost their offensive concept. Jason Tatum’s team often used the crowbar to force difficult three-point attempts and thus only managed three points on the scoreboard in the last six minutes or so. Oh yeah, and then of course there was Carrie.

Boston defense can do its best on Curry – but they can’t stop him

The renewed dominance of the now 34-year-old is remarkable for two reasons. For one, Curry was playing with an injury. In the Celtics win two days earlier, he and Al Horford of Boston dipped the ball just before the end, causing Horford’s body to roll over Curry’s left leg. The Warriors star cried out in pain and was clearly limping after the end of the match. There was a lot of anxiety in San Francisco, after all, Curry missed the last twelve games of the regular season due to a very similar scene in mid-March (also oddly against the Celtics). Ten hours of good sleep and many trips to the ice chest – this is how Carey described the treatment on the short break between games three and four. Finals are just finals.

Another surprising reason is the Boston defense Curry has faced – the most annoying for attackers this season in the NBA. Marcus Smart was named the best defender in the entire league. One would assume that Ring Keepers and Wingers would be out entirely for Carrie in the Golden State Clash. After all, fellow co-star Klay Thompson is still searching for his former form, and fellow superstar Draymond Green (barely an aggressive factor anyway) has to mainly worry about not accumulating too many false whistles. In fact, Smart and Co. Curry heeled off the middle line at the latest, often doubling it up with two defenders. But the Three Pointers specialist moved so quickly and cleverly off the ball that he always had good shots and finished Boston more or less on his own.

The NBA Finals: From midfield at the latest, opponents were on his heels like spurs: Stephen Curry (left), here against Boston's best defender Marcus Smart.

From midfield at the latest, opponents were on his heels like spurs: Stephen Curry (left), here against Boston’s best defender Marcus Smart.

(Photo: Winslow Townson/AFP)

The Celtics, with Daniel Theis spending the entire game once again off the bench, missed the opportunity to advance 3-1 and the initial decision in their best of seven series. With two wins and two defeats in their bags, the two teams are now trying to secure their first game point toward the championship in San Francisco on Tuesday night.

NBA Champion, Player of the Season, World Champion – but one title is missing from Curry’s collection

“I still feel like we can play a little bit better,” Curry said after the match. The fourth NBA title of his career looms. Curry is a two-time MVP, participated in eight All-Star games, won the highest three-point shooter twice, and a two-time world champion with the USA. But he still missed one award: In previous NBA tournaments, it was not him but one of his teammates who was named the Finals MVP — an important individual honor in NBA. If the Golden State Warriors beat Boston, there’s probably no way they can beat Curry this year.

His coach Steve Kerr should see it that way, too. In a short interview after the first quarter of Game 4 on Earth, he was asked why Stephen Curry was performing so well. Kerr smiled at the reporter and said, “He’s really good at basketball.”

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