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Netflix presents the new series “1899”. In this article you will learn all about the launch, episodes, cast, story and broadcast. Finally we tied a trailer for you.

Jantje Friese and Baran Bo Odar, the makers of the award NetflixThe series “Dark” is now showing the new mystery series “1899”, which is based on Netflix is broadcasting. New technologies were used in the production of the series. The team had to adapt to a new way of working and producing, and Baron Beau-Oddar commented, “With this modern technology, virtual sets and locations can be projected behind the actors in such a way that the photographers and actors feel as if they are in the middle of the original locations. This helps more than anything else to Set the right mood while playing.”

The story “1899” includes the journey of a migrant ship from Europe to New York marred by an encounter with another ship.

Would you like to know more about “1899” on Netflix tested? When does the new series start? How many episodes will there be? What actors were involved? What is the series about? Is there a trailer? All of these questions are answered below.

Video: wetter.com

When does 1899 start on Netflix?

We can’t yet give an exact date for the start of ‘1899’, like Netflix It has largely fallen off so far. However, what is already clear: “1899” will remain on the screens in the winter of 2022. If a specific date is set, it will be added here. Here is an overview:

  • What? “1899”
  • when? Winter 2022
  • where? Netflix

“1899”: How many episodes will be shown?

In total there will be eight episodes of the mystery series “1899”. Netflix Give. The title, duration and date of publication are not yet known. If this changes, the information will be supplemented at this point. Here is an overview of the consequences:

  • episode 1: Address is still unknown
  • Episode 2: Address is still unknown
  • Episode 3: Address is still unknown
  • Episode 4: Address is still unknown
  • Episode 5: Address is still unknown
  • Episode 6: Address is still unknown
  • Episode 7: Address is still unknown
  • Episode 8: Address is still unknown

Actors and Actors in “1899”

as such netzwelt.de It is said that the “1899” task force will consist of representatives from many countries. Casting Emily Beacham, Lucas Lingard, Clara Rossagger and Rosalie Craig. Here’s the full cast list for you:

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  • Miguel Bernardo
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  • Lucas Lingard Tonsen
  • Rosalie Craig
  • Clara Rosager
  • Maria Ehrwalter
  • Yan Gail
  • Mathilde Oliver
  • Jose Pimento
  • Isabella Wei
  • Gaby Wong
  • Jonas Bloquet
  • Flynn Edwards
  • Alexander Willum
  • Anton Lesser

What is the theme of “1899”? This is the plot

An immigrant ship sailing from Europe to New York in 1899. The new century is approaching, and travelers from different countries look forward to the beginning of the century with confidence. The people on the ship hope for a better life and therefore emigrate.

On the high seas, a migrant group ship meets a ship that has been missing for several months. The story suddenly takes an unexpected turn. Now mysterious things await the group on board. The journey to a better life turned out to be a nightmare. Each passenger’s stories seem to be connected in some way.

“1899” stream on Netflix

It will be ‘1899’ with the paid streaming provider Netflix Give to see. To view Netflix To use it, you need a monthly subscription. With 222 million customers Netflix The world’s largest streaming provider offering a range of series, documentaries and feature films as well as reality and comedy formats.

This is the trailer for the movie “1899”

There is no German-language trailer for “1899” yet, but that doesn’t mean you don’t have a chance to make a first impression on the series. An English-language trailer with German subtitles is already available and we’ve linked it for you:

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