BBL Final Series: Bayern Basketball Players Lose their First Match in Berlin

The match is not over, the Bayern basketball team is not yet defeated, when the face of Vladimir Lucic showed that the reserves are exhausted. The Munich captain dragged himself back into his own basket after losing the ball, and teammate Nick Wheeler-Bab managed to make an almost heroic save. But Lucik could not even find the strength to congratulate Feiler Pap. He breathed deeply, in a bent position, and his expression revealed: Guys, it’s not working anymore.

Lucic scored just four points on Friday night in the capital, in the first match of the final round of the qualifying series against Alba Berlin. His attacking spirit was missing, as was the spirit of Bayern captain Nihad Djedovic (five points), and on the other hand Andreas Obst with a hat-trick or Fyler Pap, who scored ten points and six assists, intervened. Only: In the final quarter, five minutes before the end, it didn’t do much with even the best guest shooters.

If you believe the stats, Munich lost the game 73:86 against Berlin due to a much worse two-way ratio (41:64 per cent) and alarming rebound ratio (22:31). But this was not a match for the statistics, but a game in which the two teams have played at the same level for a very long time – and Bayern, who beat Bonn 48 hours earlier in the crucial fifth game of the semi-final, ran out of breath. Or, as Bayern Munich coach Andrea Trencheri put it: “We’re definitely out of fuel. We’ve played three matches in the last six days and had to travel.” This was an understatement, in fact there were three matches in less than 100 hours. On the other hand, the Berliners reached the final with ease after their 3-0 win over Ludwigsburg and probably watched Munich’s effort against Bonn with a big smile from the sofa.

“We now have a day off to recharge,” Trenchery says.

And the longer the match in Berlin was, the more the players of Alba felt the threat of a Munich tank tipping into the red zone. After Bayern finished the third quarter with a margin of 62:61 in front of more than 10,000 spectators on the field in Ostbahnhof, the Alba center Jean-Marc-Christ Komadji, who gave the Munich team, depending on the source, 2.21 in the final section up to 2.24 meters with the body of defense – and made Two dunks on the other side of the playing field. In one of them, Bayern Munich’s Lucic looked not quite as young as a schoolboy in a “duel” with Kumadi, who is trying in vain to get hold of candy canes hidden on the upper kitchen shelf.

Longer arms, more staying power: Berlin’s Louis Olind kept the look against Augustin Robbet and in the end, like the entire Alba side, had more energy than the Munich side.

(Photo: O.Behrendt / Contrast / Imago)

Komag brought the fresh air that Bayern really needed. But they had no one left who could do that. And so Augustine Robbet made an offensive foul, so disappointing Zan Marc Sisko missed the basket multiple times, Othello Hunter, Deshaun Thomas, Wheeler Babb, Obst – all missed. On the other hand, Berlin made it 11-0, and 25:11 insulted Munich in the last quarter.

For Bayern, it was the 81st game of the season, while the Berlin side played just under. Even the opening duel suggests that the club with greater reserves of strength will become champions. Bayern, shaken by three waves of coronary shocks during the season, didn’t have those, Berlin have now extended their odd streak to 18 straight victories. “We now have a day off to recharge, you’ve often been through very difficult situations and you have the experience to solve them,” said Trenchieri, his Berlin colleague, Israel Gonzalez. We should never run out of gas again on Tuesday.

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