43 points for Curry: Warriors draw in Finals | free press


The Golden State Warriors tied again in the NBA Finals and prevented an initial decision in favor of the Boston Celtics with their away win.

In a tight match, the team scored 107:97, mainly due to their superstar Stephen Curry. In the series based on the Best of Seven mode, it’s now 2-2 ahead of Game Five on Tuesday (3:00 AM CEST) in San Francisco. From now on, the remaining games will take place alternately in the last two cities.

“There’s been a lot of talk over the past 48 hours about how we can get back into this series,” Carey told US TV. “It’s crazy but I think we can play a little better.”

Bullets changed 11 times

The Celtics got off to a much better start in the bustling TD park, but before the first quarter ended, visitors from San Francisco had taken the lead. Bullets changed 11 times in total. Curry was in the bout right away and booked his first twelve points for the Warriors – eventually again the best pitcher with 43 points, and with seven three-pointers, he had at least five successful throws from distance, as in his previous three duels. This has never happened before in a definitive series.

The Celtics convinced the team, as they did at home two days ago, defending disciplined Warriors over and over again. But poor attempts out of three in the final quarter cost them the lead and the win. Jason Tatum was the most successful Celtics professional with 23 points.

Unlike the first two games of the series finale, Theis was never used again. Celtics coach A.M. Odoka sent just eight different pros to Earth. The Celtics have been waiting for another championship since 2008. The Warriors are hoping to win the seventh title in their history and the first since 2018 (dpa)

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