3 incredibly stupid things you’ve all done in shooter games like CoD or Fortnite

Sometimes shooters have an undeserved reputation for being dumb shooting games. But not every gun game is equal to a Moorhuhn. However, some really stupid things can happen in modern shooters like CoD Warzone, Fortnite, or Valorant. We at MeinMMO tell you the 3 dumbest things you can do.

No matter how different shooters are, the basics are almost always the same. Take a gun, aim it at the enemy and pull the trigger at the right time. It sounds simple, but it isn’t always.

With all the frenetic pace and complex mechanics of contemporary shooters, even the most authentic pro can make really stupid mistakes. Goodbye to the heart: Which of these three incredibly stupid things do you do most often?

Lots of stupid things can happen in Fortnite. The trailer for Season 3 shows off several innovations that will cause a lot of (unwanted) mayhem:

Fortnite: Season 3 trailer shows crazy parties and a huge theme park

1. The chain of unfortunate events

Sometimes poor gameplay in shooting games is a part of it even for absolute pros, because no one is always 100% error free. But it gets especially stupid when several consecutive mistakes happen.

A clip from xQc that went viral perfectly sums up this series of unfortunate circumstances. The world’s most famous shooter and former professional shooter plays really badly in CSGO in many ways within seconds, all of which gets him to his teammate.

  • First, he threw a Molotov on the window frame rather than the inside of the building, causing it to bounce and land on his teammate.
  • Then he threw a stun grenade so bad that he and his team went blind.
  • Then he tries to save himself with the basics of shooting and starts shooting, but only hits the head of his pathetic colleague.
  • To crown it all, he was killed without resistance.

You can enjoy the funny clip and highly understandable reactions from xQc in all its glory here:

4 Million Viewers The world’s largest Twitch streamer became a CS: GO rookie in 36 seconds

A really bad gameplay sequence like this has happened to every shooter fan before. There’s not much you can do more than xQc here: try hiding in the palm of your hand and use it with your (outstanding) sense of humor.

2. Obese finger

Destiny 2 is awesome

The plan is perfect. Your ultimate ability is charged, the entire team is ready for a giant combo that will blast every enemy at once and demoralize them for the rest of the game.

Gather yourself, wait in an ambush for the enemy team, want to sit up straight on the chair again…and then it happens.

Not sure how to do this, but you pressed the only button you shouldn’t have. Your character screams loudly, fireworks with deadly effects shine on your screen, but all the missiles just fall on a completely harmless wall.

Your teammates are standing behind you and they can’t believe it. The team chat now says “WTF” and “???” and “wow” and “SilentKiller47 left the gameYou look under the keyboard and don’t quite understand why that damn finger is on the Q key. Before you can tell the answer, your team is dead.

Too stupid. Now you are sitting in the keyboard settings and you have completely changed the functionality. It definitely won’t happen again! At least that’s the idea. Then in the next game you have to press Q and hard press the button while nothing happens. The chat is filled with question marks again.

the curse.

3. Madness Reload

Fortnite Reload

You and your lovable submachine gunner battle it out with the perfect toploader on your way to base. You are exactly where you want to be. All you need is some patience and flexibility to take that rule and win the match.

With your premium headphones, you hear there’s a motion sensor in the corner of the room that can detect your location. easy. You shoot, you shoot exactly one silent shot – boom. The sensor is broken, no one will know where you are, your defensive posture is great. You are the perfect ninja and aim for the only entrance in front of you. Whoever walks there will be hit on the spot.

But something is wrong. You have a very bad feeling. Your hand starts to sweat, your index finger trembles nervously, and you already know what the problem is. In the lower right corner, the worst portrait in the world shows its cruel face:

CoD Warzone magazine is almost full
Ammo: 59 out of 60

You did not reload after photographing the sensor. for what? You have enough bullets in your gun to kill the whole team.

But what if that doesn’t happen? What if you only lose one ball to win?

You will hear the footsteps of several players as they move towards your center in steps. “Damn it,” you think to yourself, “I’ll reload just to be safe! I’ve been sitting here a long time and nothing happened, what are a few seconds?”

With a perfect view of the door at which you’ve been staring motionless for minutes, you hit a box on the console with a big box. It comes as it should. Even with a full magazine out at 98% of your SMG, the entire opposing team is running through the door.

The first player sees you waving in a panic, aiming at your head, and pulling the trigger at once. In a semi-comatose state of shock, she looks into his kill camera. It only took one bullet to kill you. His magazine was not even full when he entered the room.

There is one question that pops up in your head quite clearly. It’s the one sentence that always brings you back your full confidence: “Where’s my team been?!”

Do you recognize any of these situations? What are the most common shootings you have committed? And do you have any other stupid things to add to this list? Feel free to tell us in the comments!

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