What you need to know if you want to visit the festival at Neunerplatz in Würzburg

Summer in Würzburg consists not only of the Kiliani and wine festivals, but the culture also has its place there. This includes not only big festivals such as Mozart Festival or Hafensommer, but also small handcrafted festivals, so to speak. Just like the “out of the hat culture” that was launched three years ago. This year it will take place from June 16 to July 31, but, reportedly, is no longer in the bastion behind the eco-station, but only hundreds of meters in and around the theater at Neunerplatz.

Hutmacher had called a press conference there on Friday morning. Because many of the “hat makers” have their artistic home in Neunerplatz, the president of Neunerplatz, Sven Hunke happily said, it was a kind of “homecoming” for him. And because new places always bring with them new rules, it was about it, too.

First things first: Since music and theater are played in the theater, we recommend registering via the Neunerplatztheater website if you’d like a seat inside. But there’s also good seating outside, because the windows are open, there are pavilions and bar tables, and there are plans to broadcast what’s happening on the stage on a big screen outside, and anyone who wants can bring their own chair.

Dogs should stay at home this year

As in previous years, you can bring your own food and drinks; The latter can also be purchased in the theater. Dogs should be kept at home this year. “It was possible on the broad grounds of previous years, it’s very narrow here in the theatre,” Hoenke explained.

Since there are immediate neighbors in Neunerplatz, concerts start at 7 pm. “It’s 8:30 p.m. at the latest,” said Sven Hunke. Then, the last guests must have left the theater and its premises by 10 p.m. “We will do everything in our power to ensure that we strictly adhere to these times,” Rotter emphasized.

The festival and artists’ fees are funded from visitors’ donations

Submission is free. The festival and artists’ fees are funded by donations from visitors. But the city of Würzburg, the Vogel Foundation and the Theater Support Association also donate money. The best way to get to the theater in Adelgundenweg is on foot or by bike or by taking Straba lines 2 and 4 in the direction of Zellerau, stopping at Neunerplatz or Wörthstraße.

One of the highlights of the Kultur aus’m Hut will be the event on Wednesday, July 27 at 7pm with former cultural advisor in Würzburg, Muchtar Al-Ghussain, who now lives and works in Essen. He has been bringing poetry from Heinrich Heine to Marion Buschmann into music for a number of years. Tonight there will be samples from a CD to be released with the book this fall.

On six Sunday afternoons, visitors can compose music themselves

On six Sunday afternoons between 2 p.m. and 5 p.m., visitors can compose the music themselves, without touching the acoustic harp developed by Burkard Schmiedel. The pilot project is the premiere and was created especially as an audio artistic contribution for “Kultur ausm Hut”. The ukulele workshop with Wolfgang Salomon is also held six times. Registration is required, on July 18 at 4 pm, groups will be divided according to the gaming experience.

Also on the programme: Räuber Hotzenplotz for children and adults, two evenings of “Würzburg Reads eV” with Ukrainian literature and a lot of jazz with members of the Würzburg Jazz Initiative. Concerts are also held by Tanzkinder, Inswingtiv and Marcus Reil.

The full program is available on the theater’s website

The full program is available on the theater’s website www.neunerplatz.de or via QR codes on festival event posters and information leaflets.

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