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Sebastian Schachten is no stranger to northern Germany. The 37-year-old played for FC St. Pauli for four years and now wants to take over as head of sport with the newly promoted club Oldenburg. In an interview with NDR he talked about the season’s goals and challenges.

Sebastian Schachten, It’s been six days since VfB Oldenburg was promoted to 3rd division – can you really have it now?

Sebastian Schachten: Of course we enjoyed it. But we don’t have much time to have fun. We let the coach fly away with the family for a few days and the team also went on their well deserved vacation. But we, as a team around him, of course have a lot of work to do – not only in terms of team planning, but also in terms of infrastructure. In this regard, there is no thought of vacation or enjoyment.

What does this promotion to the third tier mean for the club and for the entire region?

shafts: You can see we sold out in no time. This shows what that means to people. You can see that Oldenburg is a very football-loving city and people are quick to get football excited again – even if the past few years haven’t always been easy.

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Now the real work begins for you. What construction site do you deal with first?

shafts: Basically, I don’t want to reveal too much about the things we plan to do until it’s over. But we will start conversations with people whose contracts are expiring and talk about signatures as soon as possible. We have a very strong squad and we want to keep a big role. Basically, we don’t want to play the wild seed. Let yourself be surprised.

Do you already know the size of your budget for the third section?

shafts: Specifically not yet. Discussions are currently underway as the Marschweg Stadium is in need of an update. Of course it also depends on the costs. We’re a little late, but we’re on the right track and hopefully we’ll have it soon.

In terms of sports, VfB is back in professional football, but the infrastructure is not yet suitable for the third division. you have now Hannover House 96 as an alternative stadium His name – Are you happy with the decision?

shafts: First of all, a big thank you to Hannover 96 and to Martin Kind, because he said so quickly: “You can do that with us.” To some extent, there was no alternative because the other options did not work. We are so grateful that help has come – because without it this would not have been possible.

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View of the empty stadium of Hannover 96 | © imago images / Rust

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In your layout, the slogan applies quite a bit: less money, less time. How difficult is this situation for you?

shafts: As a club, of course, we’re still behind in planning because we’ve only been planning for security since last week. It’s no secret that we lag behind many clubs, especially financially. In this regard, we try to be flexible and get things done with good ideas. As of now, I am very confident that we will have a strong team on the field

What should your Oldenburg team represent?

shafts: We want to keep the core philosophy of last season. A team that puts its heart into every game, gives 100 percent at all times, and plays active and offensive football. Basically, we are satisfied with our journey so far and want to preserve the virtues.

I played professionally in northern Germany for a long time, including four years at FC St. Pauli. What did you learn there as a player that you can now put to good use in your responsible position?

shafts: If you change sides at some point, the missions will inevitably switch as well, and that shows. As a player, I always tried to give everything.

I want to see the players doing their best in every game. They are brave. But also know that they are allowed to make mistakes. Nobody removes their head if they make a mistake. We played that brave last season, and it was good to see him too. The audience response shows that people appreciate it – we want to continue that.

Interviewed by Tom Gernetki

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