These are the winners in the “Be aware” category.

Too Good To Go ranks #1 in the Be Informed category. Acker Austria and Raiffeisen Ware also took the podium.

1st place: too good to go “often good longer/better before date”

Ten per cent of food waste in the European Union is caused by misunderstandings surrounding better before dates. But the best date before that is just when the product will retain its properties such as color or consistency. It does not say when to stop consuming the product. However, the impact of this confusion on our planet is enormous.
And that’s exactly what Too Good To Go wants to change. That’s why Too Good To Go has come up with a common idea with Austrian and international food producers: they’re often good for longer. This encourages consumers to use their senses before throwing away the products. After six months of preparation to bring in more than 20 partners, a comprehensive outreach campaign was launched in March 2021. Food waste is sometimes out of reach. With the “Often Good Longer” initiative, there is now a move on the topic of better dates before then.

Second place: Acker Austria ‘Vegetable Ackerdemie’

Children and young people have less contact with nature and food production, whether at home, in kindergarten or at school, often not knowing where our food comes from. The non-profit organization Acker Austria aims to create awareness of the origin of food using the Ackerdemien plant. By 2030, every child should have the opportunity to experience the process of growth and nutritional value creation at least once in kindergarten and school with their hands and all of their senses.
In addition, children and young people grow vegetables in vegetable fields on their school grounds. The self-developed digital learning platform combines theoretical learning materials with practical field exercises tailored to the needs of teachers and students. Schools and kindergartens are supported over a four-year period. Teachers are trained on site so they can immerse themselves in the world of farming with new groups of kids.
Gemüse-Ackerdemien is mostly funded by sponsors, who draw the attention of their target audience to Acker as part of their activities and thus also provide marketing support.

Third place: Raiffeisen Ware – RWA Solar Solutions ‘Ökosolar Biotop’

The expansion of PV systems in Austria represents an important contribution to the energy transition, however, large-scale systems in the agricultural sector in particular are controversial due to soil compaction. RWA Solar Solutions shows an innovative approach: the Ökosolar Biotop project should enable energy generation in harmony with nature and agriculture. A photovoltaic system containing about 10,000 solar modules has been installed on an area of ​​five hectares.
The units are installed on ramming coils, allowing rainwater to drain. The units with a fixed south orientation cover 90 percent of the area. The land is planted with a species-rich seed mixture and sheep are grazing. A hedge around the facility creates a habitat for insects and other small creatures. Rotatable units are tested on the remaining area for optimum handling with tractors, combines and for fruit trees. Cultures and soils are protected by modules from weather effects such as solar radiation, heavy rain, frost and hail. As a demonstration project, Ökosolar Biotop aims to raise awareness of the possibility of generating green electricity in association with agriculture.
In addition to the winners, there are also International Association of Sisters of Charity in Austria with the “The road to equality”a rise with a very small carbon footprint and important conversations on the topic of gender equality and cheese producers wohr with “Biodiversity of life rafts”an initiative to reduce carbon dioxide, entered the list of consumers.

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