The fictional documentary “Welcome to Flash” on the sky

IAnd around Flash, Ohio, there are fields, silos, pigs, tractors, a church, a community center, shoe store, editors of local cheese publications, the historical community, and the annual Flash Scarecrow Festival. The most important thing is to choose the best scarecrow, which, of course, is always accompanied by a suspicion of fraud. There are 1,526 residents, as well as a few that are not easy to identify. Probably because they’ve never seen anything because they’re supposed to be on their sprawling farms and get up and sleep with the chickens. In Flach, people are proud of a listed wooden building, a toilet from 1810. The founder of the city, General Flach, once built it as a throne, which is the envy of the residents of the neighboring town, who steal the city sign once a year in retaliation.

The perfect place to live

Otherwise, little happens in Fatch. So there is a lot of time. It’s time to do anything. or to be in harm’s way. So, for most Americans, it’s the perfect place to live, according to Welcome to Flash (Fox). The sitcom that admits that most Americans crave life in small, rural towns. In order to find out what it actually looks like, the Fox announcer sent an acting-selected documentary team to Fitch to kill time with the residents and report back on it.

The fact that it can be funny when almost nothing happens is a comedy. A lack of activity can force situational comedy and dialogue jokes to their best. In the case of “Welcome to Fitch”, the signs are also favorable. The backwoods fiction documentary originally comes from Great Britain and has won several BAFTA Awards, the leading English Television Awards, such as the BBC’s very funny and sometimes profound production of “This Country”. It comes from the British comedian Daisy May Cooper, who along with her brother Charlie Cooper also plays the lead roles of juvenile wasteful who constantly stir up the city with grand plans and rare gullibility and fail again and again because of themselves and the stubbornness of others. . Cooper’s humor centers on a parody of an image Kim Kardashian recently removed online: short dress, champagne bottle in hand, balanced glass on the other side, cheerful.

Daisy Mae Cooper wears, albeit a different size, say an embroidered sausage leather dress, holds a medium ketchup bottle in her hand and balances a bowl of French fries on the wrong butt pad, but she looks as high as a Kardashian. The exchange of high-end excuses and underdog imitation works great in This Country, too. The Coopers are the producers of “Welcome to Flatch,” the American adaptation written by Jenny Beaks and directed by Paul Flegg.

In Flash, in place of Coopers, Chelsea Holmes as Kelly Mallet and Sam Straussie as her cousin Lloyd “Shrub” Mallet who drives father Joe Bengover (Sean William Scott) to desperation. Father Joe has set himself the task of reshaping community life and giving young people a perspective. He gains a lot of credibility with target audiences when videos surface showing him as a former member of Christian boy band A-Men performing RPG Dance Backstreet Boys.

Always preoccupied with new business ideas, Kelly is henceforth slowed down by the rest of the staff, including the tough Mandy Matthews (Crystal Smith) or ‘Mrs. Nadine (Taylor Ortega). It also doesn’t help that Kelly’s gang is made up of seven kids. They don’t look dangerous.While this home country, which is set in the Cotswolds by the way, is the upcoming leagues, Welcome to The Flash is an anti-comedy for “country lust.” Above all, this is due to lead actress Chelsea Holmes, who As petite Kelly, she also strikes many tragic tones, from misguided to touching.

Welcome to Flatch It runs Tuesdays from 9pm, Thursdays from 8:15pm and Fridays from 10.35pm in double episodes on Sky Comedy.

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