Sport is threatened by a “golf war”

The world of golf is deeply divided after 17 players were banned from participating in the controversial Saudi Tour.

Phil Mickelson offers a preview of what the new world of golf should look like.

“You hit the ball well, it was so much fun,” said the American star after his first round in what is perhaps the most controversial in the history of this noble sport. critical questions? Unsolicited: “I’m not ready to discuss anything PGA related.” Shortly before that, journalist Mickelson was prevented from attending the press conference by gorilla security.

The elite class of golf has been deeply divided since Thursday at the latest. In London, the inaugural event of the notorious LIV Golf Investments chain, funded by millions of Saudis, took place. And just minutes after the first springboard for co-stars there, such as Mickelson or German pro Martin Kaymer, the former industry leader PGA, took action.

The PGA Tour suspends 17 players

The PGA has banned 17 players from its tournaments, including six major winners in Mickelson, Kaymer and Dustin Johnson (USA), Sergio Garcia (Spain), Louis Oosthuizen and Charles Schwarzl (South Africa). Players who have decided instead to play for huge sums of money in the PGA in the future for ridiculous amounts of money in the LIV – even if it comes from the sovereign wealth fund of Saudi Arabia, and therefore was created at the expense of gross violations of human rights.

‘I can understand why you played there,’ said Northern Ireland’s leading player Rory McIlroy, who himself resisted the dubious hype: ‘Everyone has a right to decide for themselves – but that’s not a good golf development.

In fact, a cleavage at the golfer’s top complicates many things. So far, whoever has won the most important PGA Championships has been the best in the world at the time. However, in the future, the winner of the Master, for example, will have to ask himself whether he will not be inferior to the Michelsons in the parallel world that day.

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