Scientist Calls for Marshall Plan for Children and Youth Sports

Starting from: 09/10/2021 6:00 pm

German children move a little, and the Corona pandemic has exacerbated the problem. A sociologist from the University of Duisburg-Essen calls politicians for the Marshall Plan.

The Corona pandemic has led to an increase in the lack of exercise among children and youth. Sociologist Ulf Gebken from the University of Duisburg-Essen discovered during his studies on the site that children “lost her rhythm” Nights they will have “just played” during the closures. Health insurance stats DAC I found that children in Close He spent 139 minutes a day playing computer games. Add to that 193 minutes Social media. Altogether almost double.

31 billion euros accumulated in the renovation of sports facilities

The consequences are dire: children lack stamina, mobility – just about everything. Gebken has found that even short walks are a problem for many children. “We know how important movement is to the development of these young people. They explore the world by grasping, walking, and moving. They haven’t. And now they have a massive deficit.”Gibkin says. “If there are no measures to help them overcome this, we will lose an entire generation.”

So a sociologist asks for one MarshallPlan for children and youth sports. It is mainly concerned with infrastructure and teacher training. The backlog of refurbishment of sports facilities nationwide is 31 billion – swimming pools and sports, also used by schools, are affected in many places. In Essen alone, 29 out of 82 primary schools do not have a gymnasium. “A shortage like this is a huge failure of our society – and that’s for decades”Gibkin says.

Four out of five teens don’t reach the minimum goal

So the problem is not new, but Corona acted as a fire accelerator in this regard. “We missed a lot, even before the pandemic, we actually have to catch up with a lot, especially after the pandemic – but how is that supposed to work under these circumstances?”Gebken asks. “We have three hours of physical education in the curriculum. It is not offered at all. Only two hours are given. Now we also have a shortage of teachers and we have problems with sports facilities. This means that there will be only 1.5 or one hour. per week.” It shouldn’t go on like this.

World Health Organization Who is the Children and young adults are recommended to exercise at least three-quarters of an hour a day. But in Germany alone, four out of five teenagers do not reach this minimum target. This is stated in the fourth report on child and youth sports, published at the end of 2020, and hardly takes into account the epidemic.

In the Bundestag Sports Committee, organized sport also warned of dire consequences. Andreas Silbersak, as Vice President of DOSB Responsible for team sports, he looked quite desperate in the spring: “Oh my God, we should be able to equip this community in a way that enables children and young people to play sports.” Instead, Corona made the situation worse. More than two million children and youth have turned their backs on organized sports. Many of them have mental health problems and are becoming obese.

Swimming deficiency is life threatening

a MarshallThe plan will also need swimming pools in the country. A quarter of German primary school students can no longer access an indoor pool – swimming lessons have been cancelled. Six out of ten elementary school kids aren’t confident swimmers past the end of fourth grade — as the curriculum actually requires.

In Germany, about 1,500 of the 7,700 swimming pools have closed in the past 20 years. It was dilapidated and uneconomical. German Life Saving Association DLRG She only recently pointed out causal links between swimming pool closures and the ability to swim, which she believes is the case. 184 bathing deaths this year, including 24 children – that’s no accident.

On the way to a non-swimmer country

To camp Wiese of DLRG It is clear that the situation in the Corona pandemic has deteriorated significantly. Swimming courses in clubs and schools have been canceled for a year and a half. Dangerous stagnant water that can kill people. “The number of children who cannot be trained to be safe swimmers is alone in DLRG between 70,000 and 100,000″, Marj says. “Looking across the country, we certainly bring in a million kids if you include all the others, like clubs and schools, that are also supposed to provide training.”

In many places, attempts are being made to defuse the situation – through Collide-The courses. More children should get into the water faster. 450 of 2000 DLRG– Local associations are already participating in the campaign. But the epidemic also cost volunteers – DLRG You couldn’t train as quickly as you’d like in many places. Germany is on its way to becoming a non-swimmer countryMeadow says.

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