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Goalkeeper Ron-Thorben Hoffmann, loaned from Bayern Munich, has raised allegations after the end of his term with the English third-tier club Sunderland about how he dealt with the serious disease Corona. In an interview with Sky he also talked about Manuel and Thomas Muller and his open future.

Ron Thorbin Hoffman imagined this ending at AFC Sunderland differently. He was still at the start of his loan to the English third-tier club, but the serious Corona illness brought him back in February, and the 23-year-old also lost his usual place.

The Bayern Munich professional (contract until 2023) was promoted with Sunderland, but his loan expired, which is why the Rostock native is back in Munich for the time being. He plans to make a move this summer.

In his first major interview with sky Hoffman speaks, among other things…

…His Time at AFC Sunderland:

“The start was great. It all happened so quickly in the deadline. I traveled there with my kids and then we got to the final at the last second. Then I started right away, a week later, the first match in front of 35,000 spectators and won it. Straight away. Great start. I got On 40 points, played 23 games, nine to zero. It started well and the plan seemed to work. Then some things went a little differently, but as we all know, that’s the football part. It’s not always about getting up the slopes. I’ve had a time Tough after corona disease. I learned a lot about myself and can go the other way. However, I am very grateful this time and only happy that I took this step, because I learned a lot about myself and English football.”

… He contracted severe corona disease in February of this year despite the vaccination support for him:

“In England the situation was very different from Corona in Germany. Corona no longer played a role. It was over with the English, there were no more tests, no procedures, absolutely nothing. And then at the end of a year, also when my family was With me, a teammate got infected. Then I was in quarantine for seven days. I did special tests, and one of them was still positive on the seventh. I trained on the eighth and was already playing on the ninth, and then I noticed something was wrong. And at the time himself, the critical reports on Phonzie (Alfonso Davies, D – red.) who I’ve been in contact with and Ron Garstein at Hertha BSC, who has been really struggling. Then you listen more to your body and to your mind. I played three more games after contracting coronavirus, but things got worse from match to match, as I felt after that. My energy level was very low, I didn’t have the strength to get up after matches and couldn’t get off the couch. It was weird, I had shortness of breath and tingling in my chest. Then I talked to the people responsible for myself and asked them to check me out. I took the lead with my family and with the people around me and we said: I’m going to Munich. I was welcomed there with open arms, the painters checked everything for me and took good care of it. Then fortunately everything was fine again. I stayed in Munich for four days, then came back to Sunderland, during which time I wasn’t there as the new coach was hired and he put an English goalkeeper in the net, and he did really well too. We were in the knockout stages and there was no chance for me to catch the goal. But I would have liked to do it because my goal was to get into the goal with the club. The fact that it is still operating with great success for the city, for the club, which after four years has carved its way into this tough league with disgusting teams that are hard to play on. I played my league and played 23 games and got more than half the points. That’s why I’m so proud of this time. Personally, I have matured a lot and can take a lot of things with me that will always be useful to me and my future career.”

… his conversation with Alphonso Davies, who suffered from inflammation of the heart muscle due to corona disease:

In fact, he didn’t even realize it. I asked him how it was. I was in quarantine at the time and we always had a little group with Chris Richards, Jamal Mosiala, Fonzi and Joshua Zirkzee. We were always really good together and that’s why we’ve been in touch all along. Time. Yes, I struggled at the time because I didn’t know what was going to happen. I just stalled. Because I’m not recovering properly. And when you are alone in a foreign country, in a foreign city, in a different medical environment than you were used to from Bayern Munich, you feel more anxious. That’s how it was for me for sure, I felt like I let the medical department down a bit and so I had to take care of it myself more than the club (Sunderland, in another meaning. editor) she did.”

… concerns at this time:

“As it got worse from game after game, I was worried to be honest. What’s going on here? Something my body is trying to tell me but I don’t know what because I didn’t have a fever or any bad symptoms. I wasn’t feeling well, I didn’t have any Strength. I was already asking myself, OK, what do I do now? What’s best for the club? What’s best for me? Can I have a good mix? It didn’t work because I didn’t get a good mix, because I couldn’t keep going in goal after that.”

… Manuel Neuer:

“He is the best goalkeeper of all time. Why? To achieve this consistency over 15 years, to be world-class and the best goalkeeper in the world every year is indescribable. Being number one and staying there is the hardest thing Manu has ever done. The years and those heights were great when you think about the 2014 World Cup or the 2020 Champions League final, what he did there is impressive, even after that bad time with the injury, he came back strong. When people were really thinking: OK, maybe he’s over? Isn’t there more In the future?He has shown everyone what he is capable of.He has really helped me and also in the year when Alexander Noble we have a good harmony and it was fun to go to the training ground and training with Tony Tabalovic (goalkeeper coach,editor)It was a very great time, Manu is a world-class goalkeeper, but he is also a world-class player. I am grateful, that I was able to gain this experience and train with him for three or four years.”

… Regarding his future, he still has a contract with Bayern until 2023:

“We are in talks with the club because the club wants the best for me. I grew up there. I am very grateful for FC Bayern. I didn’t receive anything for free and I didn’t always get anything. I always struggled. The best for me now, in the second division in the Germany, dare to take the next step and play. Because my long-term goal is the Bundesliga at some point. I’ve always wanted to make it happen, and that’s still my goal. I’ve changed now, so we are looking for the perfect next step to continue my own path. I can count on my support Bayern Munich. “

… a possible move to Eintracht Braunschweig:

“Yes, we are talking to second-tier clubs. That’s quite clear because for me it’s about the next step. But it has to be right on both sides.”

… his goalkeeping game:

“I learned a lot and my training at Bayern makes me a winner. I want to win every game. I want to make mistakes. I have developed as a goalkeeper this year. I am not a finished goalkeeper, but I want to develop more. I am already a very experienced goalkeeper at my age, I played More than 65 games in Germany and England, the club that will be in the end will definitely get a very passionate goalkeeper, but he is also a realistic goalkeeper who is not crazy.”

… his golf companion Thomas Muller:

“Thomas Muller is by far the best golfer (laughs). He is very consistent and really great, close to the pros. We had a great team at Bayern Munich. With Sven Ulrich, Thomas Muller, Niklas Sule. We often played golf together” that It was also a key to success in Lisbon. Not the golf itself, but many players who came to the golf course and roamed with us for fun. That was really fun. Joshua Kimmich, Serge Gnabry, everyone has been there, they’ve never played golf in their lives before, but then just hit it off. Even before the final, we played and had a really good time. This shows that FC Bayern is like family.”

… Champions League victory in Lisbon 2020:

“Everyone has their part in it. Mine is small of course and can’t be compared to Thomas Muller and Manuel Neuer, that’s quite clear. But the team just works together and has to work to win titles. They have all those years. That I was allowed to be a part of it is very special. It was These two weeks in Lisbon, the best time I’ve had as a footballer so far, even though I haven’t played. But that affiliation, I had that passion for trophies for him. So it’s great to be there and have a small part. I’m proud of that, he won’t take it One. These medals from winning the Champions League or who will remain the memory of the German championship forever.”

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